Althea Korea Wanderlust Box Review

November 25, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Althea's Wanderlust Box 💕

Althea has been on a roll recently with so many boxes that are totally worth it! If you didn't already know, Althea Boxes are ultra discounted sets sold on Althea Korea. By ultra discounted, I'm talking 5-12 full sized products that are sold as a box for about 70-80% less than the original retail price! There are 3-5 boxes released every month and each box is curated and themed. To read my other Althea box reviews, click here!

Anyhoo, in the past few months Althea has upped their box game and I find that the selection is just so tempting! In September they released the Dried Rose Box, in October they released the Wanderlust Box & the Unporegettable Box, and this month they released the Rapunzel's Secret Box! HOW CAN YOU NOT BE A HOARDER WHEN YOU HAVE ALTHEA AROUND?!

I personally bought the Dried Rose Box immediately after it was released (Althea Boxes are notoriously famous for selling out really quickly) and got the Wanderlust and Unporegettable boxes later for review. I wanted to buy the Rapunzel Box because of the pink hair dye in it but...I can only handle so many products haha. Let's not be a product whore, Eros!

Anyhoo, these 4 boxes are just some of the recent ones that I feel were really worth it. The Party All Night Box, Lazy Sunday Box, Lovely Dewy Box and a few more were also released these past few months, and you can view them all on Althea's site by clicking here.

Back to today's main star, the Wanderlust Box is is the 33rd Althea Box. It's called the Wanderlust box because the products are travel-friendly and easy to bring along on trips or in your bag on a daily basis.

There are 5 products in the box:

1. PERIPERA Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier (Yellow_New York) 
2. HEYNATURE Dual Eyeshadow (Daily Cinnamon or Champagne Coral) 
3. ETUDE HOUSE Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lash 
4. COC Momo Waterproof Gel Eye Liner  (Real Black)
5. AQUTOP Water Color Blusher (Soft Pink)

The products are all worth RM374 but only retailed for RM114 (which is a 69% discount).

Highly coveted ever since it was released, this baby is a mini luggage containing 5 mini Peripera products. They come in two versions (Pink Seoul and Yellow New York) and the one included in Althea's Wanderlust Box is the yellow one.

Just with this product alone, I can say the whole box is already worth it. The carrier alone is worth RM142 but is available on Althea for RM99. Do the math and you'll see that it's so much more worth it to pay RM15 extra and get the box + 4 more products instead of just the carrier alone! 

The carrier comes with stickers that you can use to decorate it with, and when you open it you'll get 5 mini Peripera Ink products:

The 5 minis inluded are:

Ink the Airy Velvet (05 Elf Light Rose, 2.7g)
Vivid Tint Water (03 Apple Squeeze, 4.2g)
Ink the Velvet (02 So Grapefruit, 2.7g)
Ink Concealer (01 Cover King Vanilla, 3.5g)
Ink Multishadowing (exclusive product only available in the carrier 2.7g)

Vivid Tint Water
(03 Apple Squeeze, 4.2g)

The thinnest of the bunch, this lip tint is very spreadable and looks super natural. The spreadability is similar to the Etude House Watery Gel Tints but the consistency of this is slightly thinner. I love love love this and it's perfect for everyday use!

Ink the Airy Velvet 
(05 Elf Light Rose, 2.7g)

A very pretty nude, this color is kinda similar to NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creme in Cannes. The texture is AMAZING, like I've heard that Peripera's Airy line is lightweight but I never expected it to really feel like nothing on my lips! Since it is a matte lip I expected it to dry fast or to be hard to spread, but the texture is super soft and spreadable (kinda like mousse) and didn't feel unformfortable or dry out my lips in any way.

Ink the Velvet
(02 So Grapefruit, 2.7g)

A bright bright red, this lip has the same texture as the Ink the Airy Velvet. I'm not sure what their differences are but they felt pretty similar to me. This shade is an orange based red and is perfect for bold looks. Its actually brighter in real life compared to what you see in the pic but I totally don't mind wearing it! Again the texture is super comfy and it doesn't dry out my lips.

Ink Concealer
(01 Cover King Vanilla, 3.5g)

This concealer is VERY full coverage and has a slightly creamier consistency than the mousy lippies mentioned before. In all honesty, the shade was too light for me but I managed to make it work by layering a tiny drop of my foundation. Although the colour isn't a match, it wasn't that far off so it was easily fixable. The coverage makes up for the lightness of it haha. It didn't crease for me but just a disclaimer, I did set it with powder (like I always do) so do keep that in mind.

Ink Multishadowing
(exclusive product only available in the carrier 2.7g)

Exclusive only to the carrier, this is used to contour. The texture is the same as the concealer and at first I was kinda worried because it looked kinda grayish. After blending it out however, the contour shade was pretty natural looking. you'll definitely have a hard time contouring your nose with this, but for the sake of traveling this would be great for adding just a tiny bit of definition to your cheeks and jaw (you can put it on your bare skin and blend it out with your fingers too!).

Here's a pic by Althea showing all the shades side by side:

All in all, I think this carrier is pretty worth it. You can remove the plastic that holds the products in place to make more room for products when you travel, effectively making the carrier a mini makeup pouch/bag.

A light, watery blush, this product is a light watery blush that can be used as eyeshadow or lip tint as well.

When I buffed it out it had a slightly dewy finish and looked super cute! I don't like to overdo my blush so what I do is I put some product onto the back of my hand and slowly pat the product little by little onto my cheeks.

This blush would pop even more on someone who was fairer than me and would definitely give that healthy glow!

This product is a dual eyeshadow stick similar to the ones by Laneige. The aim of this product is to create a natural gradiation.

If you order the Wanderlust you'll either get this pink shade that I got or a brown shade. I wanted the brown shade because brown eyeshadow is #LYFE but unfortunately, I got the pink one :( It is creamy and it gradients nicely, but I don't think the colour looks that nice/noticeable on my tan skin.

You twist it open on one side and use the buffer at the other side to blend/gradient it out:

A super black and non smudgy eyeliner, this baby promises to last for 24h.

When you first apply it you can smudge it out, but if you let it set IT WILL NOT BUDGE! Like at all! My friend Sydney just bought another one of these babies, and if Sydney repurchases, it means its really good!

Here's what both the eyeliner and eyeshadow look like on me:

As you can see the shadow doesn't really show up. Similar to The Face Shop's Inkgel Eyeliners that I've been raving about, this liner really glides on easily. For this specific look I drew on the liner in one stroke and edited the end with a brush (I took the product from the pencil). My eyeliner skills not bad now right?!

The last product in this box is the mascara. This mascara is supposedly a transparent fixing gel that helps to naturally lenghthen your lashes.

I say "supposedly" because to me I feel like it is a full fledged mascara and not just a fixing gel. Although the gel in transparent, the hair fibers really do lengthen the lashes and somehow make them kinda black too. However they don't volumize so if you want you can layer another mascara on top (but I feel like using it alone is enough).

And that was it for my review of Althea's Wanderlust Box! Would I say it was worth it? DEFINITELY. As I mentioned, the carrier itself is almost the same price as the box, why not just pay a little more and get 4 more products? If you count the products in the carrier individually, there would be 9 products in the box costing RM12 each! I loved everything except for the eyeshadow, but aside from that everything was a win!

I  hope you guys found thispost interesting and informative. Stay tuned for my review of the Unporegettable Box coming up next! 😉 As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!


  1. Althea’s boxes is super sulit. Big savings and I admit I’m a hoarder because of that, but mostly skincare boxes. Thanks for the review Eros will wait for the Unporegettable Box review.

  2. The luggage is super cute, I think my daughters will be happy playing with that with their dolls. Hehehe. I like the shades and it suits you. I like most the Elf Light Rose.

    1. Elf Light Rose is one of my faves too! Glad you enjoyed the review, stay tuned for the next one! :D

  3. I also have that carrier :) Aside from the tints inside, my favorite one would be the concealer! I was so amazed by the coverage and it was indeed a full coverage :) It also does not crease on me! They are all so adorable :)

    1. OMG yas so full coverage! I'm actually thinking of getting a full sized version soon haha

  4. I love your photos and the way the article is organized. Your blog is probably the most professional that I've seen in a long time.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog! :D


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