Christmas Wishlist 2017

November 28, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I'd lists down some of the stuff I've been eyeing but for sure won't be getting myself haha. A boy can dream!

Without further ado, here is my 2017 Christmas wishlist:

1. H&M Faux Fur Jacket (Size 42)

Ever since Scream Queens I've been DYING to own a faux fur jacket like Chanel. How else would people know that I'm above them? (Jkjk 😂)

I tried this navy blue one that I found in H&M and it was zamazingsssss! The only downside to it was that it was friggin RM399. It wasn't even real fur like why was it so expensive?

The pink one is even more expensive still at RM499. I saw both of them during H&M's Black Friday sale and they were going at 20% off. I was so tempted to get the navy one, but realistically speaking I couldn't afford it 😢

Click here to check out the navy one and here to check out the pink one on H&M's official website.

2. Gucci GG belt

Another thing I've wanted for the longest time now is the simple GG Belt! Not the inversed ones but the parallel ones that every influencer has on Instagram. I know it's Balenciaga's the current "it" brand and this belt would probably be more expensive than any piece of clothing that I have, but it seriously looks so simple and elegant! Totally match everything.

3. Coach accordion wallet

The wallet I'm using now is kindaaa dying and I wouldn't mind an upgrade. This long one from Coach (or should I say Tapestry 🤔) looks great and I would love it even more if it was in marron!

Click here to check it out on Coach's website.

4. Entire COSRX Red & Black line (except for the cushion)

I love COSRX products and ever since I got a few products I've been pining after more hahaha. Currently, their red & black lines seem interesting to me and I really wanna try them out!

I already have the BHA Emulsion + the ASOL and I love them! I think I'm getting the patches for myself soon 😀

5. Patrick Starrr Mac Collab

This year end, I'm not planning on getting any more makeup. I have all I need at the moment (actually too much hahaha) and the holiday collections I've seen weren't really that tempting to me. I am, however, really looking forward to the launch of Patrick's collab with MAC!

He's one of the beauty Youtubers that I really look up to and I want to support him in everyway I can. Since he's always using a MAC powder to bake, I'm excited to see how his version of the MAC powder is like. The more red-toned eyeshadow palette looks like eyeshadows that I already have but what the hell, I still want them 😂

Click here to watch him unveil his collection!

6. Wayskin

If you haven't already seen this cute lil' donut shaped thing going around on Instagram, it's actually a skin detector by the company Wayskin.

Photo credit:

Its convenient for checking your skin's hydration, moisturization, etc. and seeing it on my friend Moikobeauty's Instastories kinda made me want it even more hahaha.

Photo credit:

Click here to learn more about it!

7. Dan Brown's Origin

I'm a huge Dan Brown fan (I've read all of is books) and I've been meaning to pick up one of these babies but bookstores around me seem to only currently carry the hardcover edition (which is over RM100). Click here to view it on Kinokuniya.

8. New laptop

A lil' more practical, I've been wanting a new laptop for a while now because my current company issued one sucks. I usually make lots of visuals and videos for work and my current one just can't keep up. I'm not into laptops or techie stuff but Dave Lee's very informative review on the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming made me want it so bad haha

9. New camera

DSLRs are nice and all but its kinda bulky to carry them around. Sure they're great at taking pics and videos, but I've seen some semi-pro ones give similar results. The Sony RX100 mark 5 is suuuuper expensive but I've seen a lot of influencers using them!

I checked it out when I was in KLCC and it was pretty dope.

10. A new hard disk

My old 2TB one from WB's wire is pretty lose + the memory's down to 10GB :( I need more space!

11. Gym membership

Sigh, my fatness has caught on to me. I really need to start exercising and eating healthy. My face looks super round now and my stomach is super bloated. Around this time last year when I sucked my stomach in it would look like it was non-existent, but now when I suck it in it still looks like a stomach! 😭

And that's it for my 2017 Christmas wishes! As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post.

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