December 14, 2015

I'm back to update my blog with another life update post! I've been on holiday for almost two weeks now and I just got home a few days back. After lazing around and catching up on shows, that annoying feeling of having nothing to do has come, so from today onwards I shall try to be more productive!

To start off, I'll be picking up where I last ended last: during finals week. It was quite stressful to cram study because we had to finish some of our final assignments and projects. After crawling through those days I'm finally glad that they're over.

For my Photo Communication final project, we had to take photojournalism-esque photos that were related to the theme "Gratitude". The photos could be taken in heritage areas and could be related to food and other things. This assignment was a bit annoying because it's not really easy to capture gratitude on camera. To add on to that, its photojournalism so our lecturer also had the criteria that we couldn't fake/choreograph the photos. So it was basically walk around everywhere and take pictures of everything as they happen.

I ended up submitting a set of photos that were related to gratitude from religion (and of course I BS-ed a lot on the report hahaha).

Because of this assignment I got to go around Penang a lot, and one of the places I enjoyed was Kek Lok Si! It's the largest Chinese temple I've been to to date and the interior was real pretty!

We visited the heritage area in Georgetown quite a lot as well~

We also wrapped up our filming with good feedback from our lecturers and classmates ^^

It wasn't that stressful to be honest, I could manage. The only thing was that I found myself losing more "me-time", but that isn't necessarily a bad thing because its studies related and I have all the time in the world right now.

On a totally unrelated note, there was one time we thought there was going to be a presentation and ended up being the only ones wearing formal. Lol. Its kay, we looked fab.

And its official: pan mee is my new tom yum! Remember when there was this one week where I ate nothing but tom yum? Well although I haven't had pan mee for a week straight, my friends and I have been having pan mee VERY often. Idk why I have noodle periods hahaha. It started with wan tan mee, tom yum, then pan mee. I wonder what's next?

Although I still do enjoy tom yum in all its different forms. Kinda craving it now. I didn't get to have my last bowl before coming home because the shop which we frequented at was closed. Much annoying. I did have tom yum rice at Chopper Board which is still my fave tom yum cheese baked rice to date!

Bella's friend Melissa came to Penang to visit her, and we decided to go hiking together. Bella, Melissa, Fufy and I planned a hike up to Kerachut, where we would meet a boat that would take us to Monkey Beach.

The hike was really nice! I've hiked up a few times in Ipoh, and since the last time I hiked was probably 2011/2012,  I was expecting myself to struggle. The hike was unexpectedly easy and the work out was really much needed.

As I mentioned, after the hike we got to Pantai Kerachut, where we took a short break and checked out some baby turtles as well.

We left the beach at around 12 when our boat came to pick us up. The boat trip to Monkey Beach was nice, although the weather was bit gloomy at that point.


I feel like Monkey Beach is more private than Golden Sands/Batu Ferringhi, and I really enjoyed the whole hike and swim afterwards. If you're interested, you can contact the people who we hired the boat from. They're really friendly and the boat ride only costs RM80!

Black Friday was a VERY bad event for me because there were sales literally everywhere I went. I'm still depressed about Dr. Martens having such a huge markdown and I didn't have money to spend T.T I did manage to get some stuff from PMC tho.

We even managed to get onto their Instagram page lol (ignore my fat face)

One thing that I've been jealous of is Fufy got her Marc Jacobs Daisy from her friend in Australia and I still don't have my Versace Eros! T.T

Before coming back home, I decided to do something about my roots and went to dye my hair. As you can see, my roots grew quite a lot and I plan on having dyed hair for as long as I'm allowed to, so yeah.

My hair color then was actually a combination of many things/layers of dye, but the last thing I did with it was bleach it once with 30vol developer and a cream bleach my brother and I got in Ipoh. He bleached it for me so basically, this is one layer of bleach. Not very bright, I know.

My original plan was to go to a salon so I could bleach my hair even lighter and more evenly and then dye it gray. I made a mistake with my choice in salon though, because although they managed to get rid of my roots, my hair was bleached unevenly, some parts left untouched and just overall ratchet. I should have just bought cream bleach and bleached back at home because I have legit 2 bottles of 1000m 30vol developer. That's RM80 gone down the drain I guess.

I don't know what to do with it yet, but I'll probably cut my hair soon and dye it over with gray dye. Idek.

Before I left for home, we also celebrated Gerald's birthday. It wasn't anything grand because his birthday was on the first day of exam, but we did have lunch together. Gerald declared himself Lord Gerald for the week and we just went with it hahaha.

Fufy and I have also been on a waffle spree for some time. Actually its just her and her cravings, I just tag along to sneakily eat her food as well hahaha. Don't judge me I'm broke!


Coffee Affairs

My friends and I also decided to have Secret Santa this year! ^^ I got Bella and decided to get her some stuff from Victoria's Secret, while Fufy got me! She got me a shirt that I wanted to get from H&M and these funky socks from Topman that I've wanted for quite some time! I'm really grateful because I didn't know who my Secret Santa was and was basically annoying all of them and not very discreetly hinting them that I wanted my Versace Eros. Didn't happen, but I still feel very happy with my gifts ^^ Thanks again Fufy!

After Secret Santa, we headed for dinner at Seoul Garden (which Gerald unfortunately couldn't attend). I didn't get to take any group selfies/food shots because I woke up at two,  didn't get to eat lunch and it was 8pm. I was friggin hungry kay. I took snaps though, but even the snaps failed to upload (luckily I saved a few).

I also got to check out the stuff from Local Lab in Queensbay. They have stuff from Stussy, Obey and Stoned & Co. They even have some Yeezys on display.

Before being a good friend and sending me off in the airport, Fufy went to Langkawi with her mum and got me these chocolates as well! ^^

My last night  in Penang was spent in The Alley where I finally managed to try out their churros! They were heavenly, although I wish they gave more dips without the extra charge. 

PS. This pair of pants from Topman are ridiculously pretty but also ridiculously priced.

And of course, every end of semester isn't complete without any drama. It's this thing my friends and I noticed where at the end of every semester some drama always happens. Although I've noticed it firsthand, its never happened to me personally. This time it hit home because mine and Bella's housemate Jane decided to move out. Long story short, she's welcome to do what she wants because we did nothing wrong but be nice people who knew what we were getting ourselves into when we rented our apartment, as well as our responsibilities around the house. So it okay, although she did leave us in a predicament, we've already found people to replace her. So goodbye, here's me not giving a fuck anymore :)

And the day for my flight home finally came. This is my first time staying in the house since my family moved to Melaka, so I'm kinda excited with staying in a new house and exploring Melaka.

I'll see you next year Penang!

My parents are currently in Germany and they'll be coming back on the 22nd. On the 23rd my family will be heading to Singapore for Christmas and I'll be meeting up with Sammi and hopefully Demi as well! ^^

I just finished watching the whole season 1 of Scream Queens and CHANEL IS QUEEN! I don't like horror but I really loved this series and I hope season 2 comes out soon. 

I also recently purchased a new wash and toner from One thing I don't like about Melaka so far is that is made me break out the first few days that I was here. I now have open pimple wounds on my face as well as pimple forming again. Really, my skin's condition is at its best in Penang. Or maybe its travelling? I don't know. Sigh. (And Hermo is currently having their Christmas Sale and omg can I rob a bank, everything is so cheap)

And that's the end of this diary post! I'll try and focus on typing my reviews as well as my updated skincare post. I'll also be trying to fix my blog theme because although its okay everywhere else, the popular post widget hasn't been revolving for a few months now and it's time I tried to fix it.

Thanks for reading!

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