HERMO A Perfect Christmas XMAS 2015 Sale

December 16, 2015

Hermo.my, one of my fave sites/shops in the world, started their Christmas Sale on the first with tons of promotions, discounted items and contests! I'm a skincare junkie and I thought what better Christmas gift to myself than skincare?

First thing, Hermo has upped their visual game! Their graphics and ads on the site are awesomely designed!

They also have a lot of mini categories such as the Her Best Gift where you can get suggested products and a RM5 voucher:

As well as a Spin & Win where you can win vouchers and entries for their raffle/giveaway! They have an SKII set, a trip for two to Korea, a RM1000 voucher, an Ipad and a Louboutin nail lacquer among others to be given away!

If I'm being totally honest, the biggest thing that pushed me to purchase is the holiday box that they were giving away. Call me weird, but I have a thing for nice packaging!

When I arrived in Melaka, I broke out big time. I had three big pimples on my left cheek and it was quite annoying because I was break out free for a few months already. So for my purchase I decided to buy acne related products and ended up buying products from Etude House's AC Clinic line!

Although I have tried out Etude's Red Spot Balm before and wasn't impressed, the wash was okay and I always wanted to try out the toner. Since I was running out of both, I thought why not?

My order also came with a free gift, which I was expecting to be a mask. It turned out to be facial cotton hahahaha. Not very useful, but again, it came packaged so I'm okay.

They also gave a Christmas card with a RM5 voucher~

And one of the most disappointing things with this purchase is that I didn't get my Holiday Box T.T I got their usual carton box, but it had their Christmas printing on it, so I guess its okay...

Here's some more photos:

I also helped my friend Fufy buy her concealer.

And that's all for my mini Christmas skincare shopping haul! Thanks for reading!


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