November 23, 2015

Since I haven't been updating a lot, I've missed the opportunity to write my thoughts on new albums that have recently come out. Its been a while since I made a Playlist post, so I thought why not? So for today's post I'll be talking about all the new songs I've been loving!


Feeling Myself
Nicki Minaj (ft. Beyonce)

Okay this isn't really new, but ever since they performed it live for this Tidal event, I've been hooked! I watched the music video when it first came out so I've already heard it, but it wasn't until the live performance when I started putting the song on repeat. It's like Flawless and Partition, it needed some time to cool down before I started digesting the genius and glory of Queen Bey and Nicki.



Ailee's first length album was so perf I cannot. I personally thought the title track Mind Your Own Business was only okay-okay. Very Ailee-ish but after a while it kinda gets tiring to always hear her do loud songs. I preferred Insane over it, as well as I Love You, I Hate You & Letting Go. My faves from her album would definitely be Symphony and Fill Your Glass! Fill Your Glass is so emotional and the harmonies in Symphony were just on point!


Oh My Girl

Closer was something I stumbled upon on accident. I was on YouTube and I clicked on it, not expecting anything. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the song and the mv! Although the other songs in the album aren't anything special, I really enjoyed Closer.



IU's comeback concept, to me, was very artsy and fairytale like. I initially compared the teaser photos to Alice in Wonderland and sure enough, the MV was Alice themed. Although she had a controversy concerning her song Zeze, I found nothing short of vocal prettiness and creativity from the song. My fave track from Chat-shire would most definitely be 23, but I like The Shower and Glasses as well.


4 Walls

4 Walls is f(x)'s first album without Sulli, and although its sad to see a group with one less face, I loved 4 Walls! Dare I say its my favourite f(x) album so far! I'm not exaggerating, but rarely do I love all the songs on an album, but f(x) delivered and served trippy, tumblr, funky and eargasm all in one plate!

The choreo for 4 Walls was glorious, like Krystal looks so perfect! And Luna! She's so pretty this comeback!

My faves from this album are located smack in the center of the album's tracklist: X, Rude Love and Diamond. X is so trippy, Rude Love's hook is super catchy and Amber's raps in Diamond (esp that Marie Antoinette line) was shoooo nice!

Honorable mentions would be Glitter and Papi, but the remaining 4 songs are very good as well!


The Story Begins

As JYP's new girl group, I initially didn't like them, due to the fact that they had 9 members because to me only SNSD can have 9 members hahaha. Childishness aside, this is a great song to debut with. their dancing and MV were great as well. The other songs in the album for me weren't anything special, just so-so. And the members are quite pretty as well! ^^


Ariana Grande

I was pumped for this song, more for the video if I'm being totally honest. I mean, platinum blonde Ari? Count me in! Although a lot of people think Focus isn't as good as Problem, I actually quite like it~


Love Me Right ~romantic universe~

To be honest I was so done with EXO that I admit I haven't been as active in following them as before, The release of their Japanese version for Love Me Right was overshadowed by my assignments, and although I did watch the MV before, it wasn't until after my presentations that I downloaded the track together with the extra song Drop That! 

LMR was the same (I mean I already had two versions of it, what's so special about a third), but Drop That was just pure eargasm! It was so refreshing to hear something so unpredictable from EXO. I shouted along with the E X O chorus all the way haha.

And can we all take a moment to appreciate the photos for this album like much niceeeee



Another EXO song and I can sense myself being pulled back into the black hole that is EXO again hahaha. The concept for this collaboration just screams EXO and I'm really glad that it happened. I'm hoping for more videos with the other members though. One is simply never enough! Audio wise, Baekhyun's high notes and adlibs are just heaven! I wish I heard more D.O, but overall I feel like its a very Mama-era -esque song (and not just because a teaser was called Lightsaber kay).


Honorable Mentions:

I've only heard Hello because my wifi has been super slow and I haven't been able to listen to them on YouTube. Hello was an awesome comeback song and it just makes me sing every time I hear it.

Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis
As you guys may or may not know, my playlist usually consists of Korean songs, but I heard this song on the radio and I just couldn't get it out of my head! His voice is very distinct and the song to me was fun and kinda cheeky I guess? Nevertheless I love this song!

And that's it! Guess I should go back to making notes for my finals T.T

Thanks for reading!

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