TAEYEON / I Mini Album [Review/DL]

October 11, 2015

SNSD's leader Taeyeon recently debuted her first solo mini album and I'm so in love with all of the songs, so today I'll be sharing thoughts on them!

But before that, some HD photos! I'm loving this whole country/autumn concept. All the photos turned out so pretty!


Freckles FTW!

Those gray lenses homagash so pretty


The intro/chorus made me feel like she was gonna start yodelling at first, but right now I can't stop randomly bursting out and singing "AHHHHIYAAAAAIYAAAAIYAIYAIYA!". I love that Verbal Jint is here because I have a few of his songs and I love him!

Taeyeon's voice is just heavenly and I feel that this song showcases it very well. The high notes in the chorus and the low notes at the end show just how capable she is and this song has been my jam for the past few days now. The only problem I had with it was the line "My life is a beauty". It sounds like"My life is so beauty" and at first I thought "Really? Engrish?"

The music video was awesome and well shot as well! SM seems to have spared no expense and rightfully so, because only after 8 years are they giving Taeyeon the solo album she deserves. I loved that the set was in New Zealand and I like how they're going overseas more often to take MVs (like Party in Thailand).

If there were more hills she would have been Julie Andrews in Sound of Music hahaha.


As soon as the piano intro started the feels started to kick in. Her high notes here are crazy amazing and I felt the emotion like, THE FEELS WE CRAY. I couldn't help but smile and think of Taeny hahaha. The final high note at the end was so strong and signature Taeyeon!

A lot of people have said online that they prefer this song over I and I can't help but agree. I sounds nice, but I feel like this song represents Taeyeon's style of singing the best: ballad, high note, love song. Quite OST-ish but then again, Taeyeon is known as the Queen of OSTs.


This song had a very R&B-ish vibe that seemed quite Ariana Grande-ish to me. 


The intro got me moving and the beat of this song was very upbeat. The sass and the way she sang the song was nice to hear as well. This is the only fast song in the album and its catchy, but I was so thrown off with the line "You got me smoking cigarettes! I'm in stress baby!". I have no problem with smoking (most of the time) but I'm wondering now if Taeyeon does smoke.  I'm also wondering if she'll perform this live on music programs and if it'll get banned. That aside, this song is very jammable/dance-able ^^


Taeyeon ends the album with another ballad and I find it sad, slow, sweet and damn chill. It reminded me a bit of Lost in Love by Taeyeon & Tiffany from I Got a Boy. 

I would say that from this mini album my faves would be U R & I. Stress was catchy as well! I hope she has a good rest after promoting and comes back with another mini album next year. Meanwhile, I'm excited for how Tiffany's album will be! ^^

I also came across this mash up of I & BoA's Only One which sounds pretty legit. It's made by one of my fave mixers on YouTube as well! ^^

To download the mini album, click here:

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