Pestle & Mortar Clothing Penang Chapter Opening

October 30, 2015

Last week, my friends and I attended the Penang Chapter Launch of Pestle & Mortar (sounds fancy right?). It was basically an opening of their new Penang branch and a preview of their Fall 15 Crossing Borders Collection. I don't have anything from PMC nor have I ever been to one, but I have seen PMC all over Instagram so I was really keen in checking out their stuff.

The launch consisted of the shop kickoff (accompanied by a live band) and an after party at The Inch. PMC gave away goodie bags to the first few there but due to filming/time constraints my friends and I couldn't get them (much tears).

The shop is located in Nagore Square and since a lot of tourists/people in general come to Nagore Square I feel like the location was very well selected. The heritage vibes that NS gives off makes me feel like PMC will be a must visit stop for hipsters and fashion people who come and visit Penang.

Like I mentioned above, we couldn't get the goodie bags, but we did get a 15% voucher (for use in-store in a single receipt) and a few other coupons from Uber & Inch. Media was entitled for a bag of their merchandise and they had a lucky draw as well. Sad to say that I didn't get anything at all :(

From what I could see, the collection was really popular with everyone. They had a lot of interesting stuff aside from their clothing such as tote bags, shades, leather goods, hats and shoes.

The Fall 15 Crossing Borders Collection

This shirt in particular stood out to me because the colour wasn't monochrome and I liked the whole varsity thing going on.

When we moved to Inch, it actually rained pretty heavily. Parking was a bit of a struggle, but other than that I had a great time.

I look so disturbing hahaha

I really must not have had luck that night because they had another giveaway of shirts and I still didn't get any.


Overall I enjoyed myself and I drank after a long time of drinking. Whenever I drink a lot I get itches on my arms, but it goes away and I still drink occasionally (I sound like I drink a lot but I really don't. I only drink on special occasions okayyyy.

Fufy wasn't as lucky though because she was so hungover the other day hahaha. Guess her alcohol tolerance isn't as high.

So that's all! Thanks for reading my post and if you're in Penang, do visit PMC and check out their stuff. Due to budget constraints, I haven't bought anything. I do plan on purchasing their Mechanic Tote Bag soon because it looks very signature PMC and I love tote bags, so why not.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You just had to end this fantabulous post with such an unfab photo *cries*

  2. You just had to end such a fantabulous post with such an unfab photo *cries*

  3. you are right Denise... Eros should end this fantabulous post with such an unfab photo *cries*


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