Visiting Henry Jacques Parfums Atelier in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

February 6, 2023

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Henry Jacques Parfums, and their atelier here in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

I've passed by their atelier a few times in Pavilion, but I never really stepped in to explore. Opened in 2019, it's located in the center of Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, just beside the Porte Cochere entrance.

Henry Jacques Kuala Lumpur
Pavilion KL - Lot 2.54.00, Level 2 03-2141 3233
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

Founded in southern France in 1975, Henry Jacques is a company that crafted bespoke fragrances for the world’s elite for more than 40 years before offering its first collection for retail. Focusing on haute perfumery with its rich heritage and legacy, they offer perfumes that use premium natural essences sourced from all over the world.

What caught my eye even before I stepped into the store was the unique bottles. Upon research, I learned that Henry Jacques uses crystal for their bottles, having formed close relationships with some of the world’s foremost crystal-glass makers and jewellers. Their bottles are called flacons, and they take pride in their unique and artistic qualities.

Inside, the decor was really something else. I've never seen a more lavishly decorated perfume store here in KL!

An article I saw online said that the decor is inspired by the grandeur of historical Parisian apartments. Designed by the maison’s artistic director, Christophe Tollemer, the boutique was conceived and assembled in France, vacuum-packed, delivered and reassembled in KL.

Henry Jacques perfumes are mainly composed of premium natural essences, which they source from all over the world. According to their website, Henry Jacques preserves the exceptional purity and depth of its priceless "nectars" by using the best techniques, latest technology and no compromise on the quality, even if it takes longer/costs more.

When they were first founded, they dedicated themselves to only creating personalised scents that perfectly matched the skin types, preferences and personalities of their super exclusive clientelle.

Recently, the brand opened up and launching a range of off-the-shelf perfumes, including a foundational collection known as Les Classiques, making its exquisite scents available to a far larger range of people (like me). These scents are now available in their retail stores/ateliers, of which there are only 10 in the world.

Comprising 50 different skin scents, Les Classiques comprises a sophisticated array of essences and mists.

Prices range from RM2,360 (15ml flacon) to RM33,570 (50ml flacon). Even among the 15ml flacons, the price varies depending on the scent. That's super steep, and rightly so. Henry Jacques perfumes are to be seen as an investment, and when stored properly, it supposedly can last you your whole lifetime.

I didn't really inquire about the bespoke perfume services (which Henry Jacques calls Sur-Mesure), but from what I gather, Sur-Mesure is what Henry Jacques has been doing since they started. Basically, they make you a custom perfume, create a special flacon/bottle for you and give you your own personal perfume. The whole Sur-Mesure process takes 4 months, and I'm not even going to begin to imagine how much a bespoke fragrance would cost!

Anyways, that day I explored Les Classiques, which I mentioned is Henry Jacques' ready-made off-the-shelf line of fragrances.

Since it was my first time visiting the store, the SA was very nice and informative. He asked me to take a seat, pulled out a drawer with the 50 Les Classiques and started asking me about my preferences.

One by one, he let me smell fragrances which he thought I'd like, explaining what each scent was, the notes and some of the key ingredients.

One of the scents I smelled included pure rose (I think it was bulgarian rose?), which according to the SA crystallized when stored at a certain temparature.

The scent I gravitated towards the most was called Musk Oil Gardenia. I didn't manage to take a snap of it, but it smelled divine! The top notes are Gardenia & Freesia, middle notes are Musk & Ylang ylang while the base is white musk.

At the end of my visit, I had scents I liked and scents I didn't like (which were put to the side). I liked how the SA was really enthusiastic about letting me smell the scents, regardless or not if I was making a purchase or not. The conversation was great, and I liked the scents which he recommended.

On my way out, the SA packaged 3 of the scent strips that I liked (Musk Oil Gardenia, Rose Bulgaree and Celima). Because they were dipped in the essence, they smelled quite potent, living up to its claim of being really concentrated/only needing a few drops to last long. I'm glad I got to have a little exclusive olfactory experience, and I'll be smelling the gardenia scent often, thinking if I should get one haha.

And that's all for this post! If you'd like to see a close look, you can check out my Tiktok video for more.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and informative! 

See y'all in my next post!

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