KITWOO LOOK • Custom Full Black Pussybow Shirt

November 7, 2021

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing some shots from a recent shoot I did featuring this custom shirt from Kit Woo.

Since I was attending Kit Woo's show for KLFW, I decided to take some nice shots before the event.

You can read all about my KLFW experience by clicking here.

All shots were taken by the amazing Herry! You can check out his IG here.

I actually took this opportunity to buy the YSL belt I've been eyeing for so long haha. Any excuse to shop!

Top • Kit Woo
Pants • Uniqlo
Belt • YSL

Makeup and hair were done by yours truly, though I wish I had my hair done so it didn't look as messy as it does here haha.

Would have loved to pair this look with a black Hourglass bag from Balenciaha and the Horsebit loafers I've been eyeing from Gucci for the longest time but...due to budget constraits, I couldn't really get them haha. I do plan on getting them still though! Hopefully some day soon.

I love how all the shots turned out, and I really enjoyed shooting with Herry. He has such great ideas!

Nails • Manique
Earrings • Balenciaga

And that's it for this post! See y'all in my next post!

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