Sekeping Tenggiri, Bangsar KL • Weekend Staycation Log + Review

November 30, 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about my weekend staycation at Sekeping Tenggiri in Bangsar, KL.

Sekeping (which means "a piece" in Malay) is a series of private retreats scattered all over Malaysia. They have a "back-to-nature" concept where they aim to connect visitors to nature with their unique rooms/chalets.

For me, I find it very "instagrammable glamping". You look like you're camping in nature but you're actually in the middle of the city, just hidden away from everybody.

My team at work previously stayed at Sekeping Tenggiri in Bangsar before I joined, and I was pretty intrigued because the place looked quite tranquil and peaceful. Since my birthday was right around the corner, my team and I decided to go on a weekend staycation at Sekeping Tenggiri so I could experience it for myself.

No. 48, Off Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Tenggiri, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


Sekeping Tenggiri has 7 rooms, and the prices range from RM220 to RM275. Only the Glass Room costs RM330 a night, and you can rent the entire place for a group staycation/meeting/gathering for RM1760 as well. They limit it to two people per room (except the Glass Room which can hold 3). Bookings can only be made via their website at

Since there were 9 of us, we split ourselves between 4 rooms (three rooms had two people, the fourth room had three). Sydney, Bo and I stayed in the Glass Room, which was the biggest (and in my opinion, the most instagrammable).

When you reach Sekeping Tenggiri, you'll be greeted by the housekeeper (who stays there as well & offers 24-hour housekeeping services) and the first thing you'll see is the 7m x 3m swimming pool:

Followed by a small sitting area where you can bask in the sunlight:

There are two dogs staying with the housekeeper located above the poolside rooms as well. You can get to that area by climbing up a wall. If you're allergic to dogs (or Muslim) this may be something to note. The dogs only stay in that area and do not roam around downstairs.

There is a common lounge beside the pool connected to the dining area and it is equipped with washing facilities, a fridge, an oven toaster, books & magazines as well as filtered & hot drinking water.

When we arrived, the went to our rooms first to unpack, and here's what the Glass Room looked like when we first got there:

By the door is an open wardrobe, as well as a hairdryer, plug points, water, an extension and some coffee:

The room is airconditioned and has a ceiling fan as well. 

If you leave the doors open the room still feels well ventilated. In the morning, the glass windows light up the room pretty well, making it awesome for pictures. We also noticed that there were a few monster plants from the outside creeping in, giving the room a very "connected to nature" kinda vibe.

To the side of the room is the en-suite bathroom, which contains bath towels, shower gel and a hot shower:

This bathroom is open-air, which makes it feel as if you are bathing outside in nature. 

Although the toilet is beside the door and no one would be able to see you if you were doing your business:

The door to the bathroom itself is made of glass, so you would be totally visible while you shower hahahaha.

The Glass Room is the only room in Sekeping Tenggiri with a balcony, and you can only access this balcony if you stay in the Glass Room.

From the balcony you can see the entire residence:

If you come with a group of friends, I think it will be better to get the Glass room (or if you're a big group, that one of the rooms you get is the Glass Room). This is because aside from taking pictures in the balcony itself:

You can take awesome bird's eye shots of the pool area from the balcony! We wouldn't have been able to take these shots if we didn't book the Glass Room:

But to be honest, even if you don't get the Glass Room, every inch of Sekeping Tenggiri is pretty Instagrammable too. This was taken in from of one of the poolside rooms where Anis and Syahira were staying:

and these were taken around the pool area:

After checking in, some of the girls and I had a quick dip in the pool while other just chilled. The entire place was very relaxing and serene, making it great for some of us that wanted to read and relax.

When dinnertime came, we ordered pizza from Domino's and had it in the dining area. After that we played Saidina & Taboo (which Sydney had brought along) in our room where we could make as much noise as we wanted without disturbing the other guests. We didn't really leave Sekeping till our check out time the next day, but do note that the Glass Room is secured only by a padlock on the door. I didn't really mind it since it was gated and there was a housekeeper keeping guard, but I just thought I'd mention it here.

Overall I think our stay was pretty comfortable and it was a nice escape from the city. I slept well that night and was not attacked by mosquitoes (despite being so near nature lol). I think the pricing of the place is pretty good as well. It's similar to Airbnb places here in KL with the added allure. If you're someone who prefers pristine hotels, I don't think this place is for you, but if you're someone looking to escape and forget the city + don't mind nature & the rustic feel of the house, then I recommend staying here!

Aaaand that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful (in case you were looking for reviews on this place) and interesting. See y'all in the next post!


  1. Whoaaaaaaa this is lit! wanna go back there again ><


    1. Definitely, but maybe we should go to another country next! XD Let's go to Bali!


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