I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Lipstick Satin Swatches & Review

November 16, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about the I'm Tic Toc Lipstick Satin lippies from I'm Meme!

I've wanted to get my hands on these ever since they appeared on Produce 48! The packaging looks super cute and the colours look pretty nice as well!

I'm Meme it seems is a new brand under Meme Box. Meme Box started out as a subscription kinda thing and evolved to housing brands such as the super popular Pony Effect, but for some reason, they stopped production and retreated back to Korea.

Anyhoo, I'm Meme is a brand that started around the time that Produce 48 started airing, and I can't help but think that Memebox intentionally did this and had I'm Meme sponsor the show so that they could kind of have a "comeback" both locally and internationally.

I'm Meme has a few products out now, and the two most popular (because of PD48) are the heart blushers:

and the Tic Toc Lipsticks:

The Tic Toc Lipsticks are available in 10 satin shades:

They've also currently enlisted Hwang Minhyun from Wannaone/Produce 101 S2 to be their model!

I got my hands on 5 of the satin shades and today I'll be sharing my swatches, looks and thoughts about them with you guys! :)

These lippies are satin stick lipsticks that have a satin finish. The heart shape of the tip is supposed to help you apply the colour precisely onto your lips.

You can get them on lots of Chinese websites/Instagram shops, but I wouldn't recommend them as you never know if you're getting a real or fake one. Althea Korea only sold them on select countries (like in the Philippines for PHP590), but after a few months, Stylekorean started carrying all 10 shades for USD6.99.

The lipsticks come in a carton that reflects the shade and the lippies itself comes in a pen type packaging:

You get 1.5g of product and when you press the button, precisely 0.01mm of product comes out. At firs,t I was pretty turned off by this because I like having the option to retract my lipsticks. But after some thought, if you're careful, the clicking actually helps you keep track of how much product you're using and helps you save ahaha. It also keeps it from breaking!

Here's what the viral heart shaped lippies look like up close (fresh out the box):

Compared to what they show in the product description/on their insta:

the product actually dispenses very slowly, and you'll have to click a few times to get a lot out.

I actually find that 2-3 clicks dispenses enough to cover my lips evenly.

Texture-wise, these lippies are super creamy and glide on really nicely. They look matte but are actually satin (as advertised) and are not drying at all. They feel comfy on the lips and they are quite pigmented, however, they don't set/is not smudge proof. They move very easily and that's great if you want a diffused, ombre look. In my experience, I have to reapply it after eating a meal.

Just a side note, the colours from product to lip are pretty accurate, but my photography/editing made some of the shades look a bit wonky haha, sorry!

This shade is described as a berry red, and its an elegant, classic red. I think the reason why it looks a bit sheer in this pic is because I put on lipbalm before it and smacked my lips (basically didn't apply properly). In general it's a very bold lip colour that would be perfect for formal events/bold lewks.

Compared to 001, this shade is a bit more orange based and looks super pretty on me! In this pic you can see how nice the coverage of the lipstick really is, and how plump it makes my lips look! If you're looking for a nice pop of colour, this would be your bet.

Described as a nude coral, I was initially scared of this shade because I thought it would be too pale on me. I tend to stay away from nudes/pinks (especially lippies from K-beauty brands) because they tend to be too light for me. This shade however, was the perfect nude for me! It gave my lips enough colour to make my entire look alive, and it wasn't too pale/washed out.

As I said above, I usually avoid nudes/pinks. I prefer more reds/oranges so I was so surprised how nice this shade looked on me!  It's the perfect pink shade (not too neon, not too pale) for me, and it's actually the shade featured in the header pic of this post as well. I love it to bits, and it's definitely my top from the whole bunch!

Brick Slip is described as a Coral MLBB color, but I think it's not very MLBB. It's more of a coral orange. It's a nice orange and I would definitely wear it again, especially since most of my eye looks are warm/red/orangey.

 I think these are fabulous lipsticks that get the job done, are pigmented + have a lot of versatility. They can be used plainly/boldly, easily made into a gradient + even used as a blush due to their super creamy texture. I think for their price , they're pretty worth it and I wouldn't mind getting more.

The heart shape of the lipstick didn't really make application that much easier, it just felt the same for me. If you're looking for something that will make applying lipstick easier or something that is easier to apply than the typical lipstick this ain't it. If you're looking for something with a bomb ass comfortable formula with great pigmentation, go for these!

Aaaaaand that's it for this post! I hope you guys found my thoughts and pictures helpful. See y'all in my next post!

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  1. All the shades looks fabulous on you!😍😍 I actually also want to get their lippie too after watched produce 48 haha!


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