May 9, 2014

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gosh gosh gosh i'm finally coherent enough to form words hahahaha. i'ts now time to post about my thoughts on EXO's new album Overdose! ^^ i actually watched K's MV first, but i listened to all the songs in M's album first *cuz im kris biased like that ><* so imma talk about the MVs first and the other songs later on ^^

Music Video

Korean MV

the MV started with Kai looking at the entrance of the maze and just omgggggg his faceeeeeeee i cannot!!!

a lot of people have been saying that they preferred him with black hair but i actually think that his blonde hair looks SOOOO good on him! ^^ anyway, he catwalks into it and we see the other members are also inside trying to find their way out * i think*. kyungsoo had this box thing with sand in it *kinda reminded me of yoona and her crystal in The Boys but whatever* and yixing was on the floor with the sand too...i didn't really get what the sand was for O.O kris just seemed so lost lol he was banging on the walls XD

we see more of the members and the last scene is of joonmyun banging on some kind of invisible force field. when i saw this i was like JOONMYUNNNNNNN!! his blonde hair!!! i don't have a specific preference for blond hair *ahem* but it just looked so GOOD on him! and that middle part! that is a hairstyle that's hard to pull off ughhh

and his suit just made him look more like a rich blonde guy omgomgomg someone stop my spazzing lol. joonmyun isn't really my TOP bias in exo but for the scenes in the maze in this video, i think he was the best looking one ^^
next we see them in a room with the logos and in their diamond position that looks waaaaay too dangerous for them to be doing on every stage everytime :O

i watched their comeback showcase too and i was just SHOCKED when i first saw it because isn't that a very...err...dangerous position? i mean they could fall or the person below could get stepped on... @.@ anyways they're clapping and sehun's dancing kkk then baekhyun starts singing and his ourfit hahahahahaha i couldn't find a word for it but after watching itselisebear's reaction, i kinda agree that he does look quite a bit like a fisherman XD baekkie looks best cute and his expressions here were...
the dance is just awesomeeee ahhhhh and kyungsoo's voice ughhhhh. that jumping rope dance is just....GOD SO GOOD TO LOOK AT :that drumming dance looked so cool too!
but then i noticed chanyeol's expression XD 

M appears after the chorus and jongdae with his light was quite cool :D yixing also grabbed my attention because, well, he's yixing XD everytime he sings 한숨 i'll shout along XD xiumin's pink hair is jusp popping! it suits him so well! and luhan's ponytail...i still looked cute even though he was acting all tough XD the camera turning and them turning it back was quite cool too~

kris was also wearing the fisherman hat XD

and UGHHHH the part where they thrust omg omg omg can i dieeeee i dieddddd omg omg omggggggg KRIS TAO WHY YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEE


that cheek poking part was cute tho ^^

and then comes joonmyun's part!! GOSH, i said it before, joonmyun is not my TOP bias, but he just sounds so damn good in this part!! i think its my favourite part of the song *well, one of my favourite parts*. his voice is just high, but not that high, its a perfect high, get what i mean? XD JOONMYUNAHH WHYYYYYYYY TvT


and do you see minseok and his arms behind. yaaaas minseok yaaaaaaas. wear ,more sleeveless stuff! there was one event where he wore a tank top *i think it was their christmas concert* and i just...flipped XD think of the live events that he'll be doing in those clothes...YEAH. and in the drumming part joonmyun's in the centre again and ohhhhhh stop it joonmyun!!!! *v*

next is chanyeo's rap and it was at this point that i realized yuan lai chanyeol hasn't had a line yet XD and who can NOT love the part where they were in a circle whirling their heads??
sehun's "HEY DOCTOR" had me squealing so hard kkk it juts sound so...sexual hahahaha

and did anyone else notice kris in a pony tail? one of my favourite kris hairstyles kkk

then comes kai and his heart and that smirk afterwards and i'm just...what is life *v*

then its OT12 dancing soso synchronized and luhan comes up front with his sexy hair omgggg.

for the next dance with that kinda pendulum effect, i tried to printscreen it but i failed lol. just know that it was COOL

as the finale, tao did his backflip jumpy thing again and although it looked awesome, i kinda thing they should lay off the jumps :O as someone said, he'll have to do those flips for his whole career with exo and doesn't it kinda put a lot of strain on his body? not trying to be a prick and criticizing everything, but im just concert for uri zitao *saranghaeyo huangzitao!*

anyhoo, it end like that and kai find himself in the middle of the maze!


but...how is he gonna get out lol

and that's the end of the MV!
now onto the M version!

Chinese MV

now it seems that kai has traded roles with luhan
and while kai looked perfect, luhan...'s hair looked funky XD anyways i love you luhaeeeeen <3 span="">
basically everything is the same, the sand, lost kris, lost exo, baekhyun against the wall...only thing different is that minseok switched with joonmyun and DAMN he looks fine too!
and when the scene changes i was like OMG BAOZI'S EYES! SO DAMN PERFECT!!
if joonmyun's ruining my bias list, so is minseok @.@
so its the same thing, diamond, dance, clapping. kris was dancing hahahaha *wu brothers implication?*

anyhoo i can't really find anything else to comment on after that since its just the same thing with the members switched up *i'm spazzed to hard and nothing is coming out hahaha* on the thrusting...M did it better hahaha
and we have the cheek poking again. 

yixing traded parts with joonmyun and its high and it sounds nice and its perfect too <3 good="" is="" it="" nbsp="" part="" so="" sounds="" this="" what="" with="">
minseok traded with sehun and after that it was KRIS. GOSH. MY GAWD. i'm not lying, i literally threw my phone away, buried my face into my pillow and started squealing XD i picked it up again and ughhhh earporn much???

*my printscreening failed lol*

then we have OT12 dancing, the pendulum and tao flipping again ^^

and that's the end of the MV~

overall i really liked the scenes and the two sets. the outfits...not really haha. i liked lay's cheetah print jacket and a few of the others' clothes, but the fisherman hats have to go XD
the suits were AWESOME, kinda like an upgrade from their uniforms~

when i first saw the mv teaser, i was a bit nervous for it because SM was using the same effect they used on SJM's Swing mv, which was having zoomed out parts that weren't really hd. it worked nicely though, the effect of seeing them closer during their parts made it not seem like a typical dance mv ^^

now onto the other songs!

Album Review

2014.05.07, KT 뮤직

1. Overdose
its a very powerful song that showcases luhan, chen, lay and even xiumin's vocals, and kris + tao (and also a little bit of xiumin)'s rapping. i kinda think that xiumin has very good potential in singing and rapping and that SM need to give him more main parts~ anyhoooooo my favourite part is when lay sings before the bridge ^^ so perfffffff

2. Moonlight
i randomly say "stop stop stop stop" now and my bro asked me what i wanted to stop lol chen's chinese is getting better ^^ to be honest for this song i could only recognize luhan and chen's voices :O but its still a very nice ballad :D there was a bit of lay's rapping *i think?* sometimes i still have problems recognizing their voices ughh. this is why everyone needs more parts. anyways, this song is very vocal and i love the guitar riffs and chen's super non human adlibs at the end XD

3. Thunder
this song kinda has that umph feel hahaha i dunno how else to put it. R&B? in this song i heard xiumin and yixing's voices and they were soooooo niceeeeeeeee :D i recognized it, please reward me hahaha. i actually think they have a lot of parts here, kinda like the opposite of moonlight when i *think* i heard a lot of luhan and chen. the hoo hoo hoo parts were nice and kinda...justin timberlake/adam lavigne-ish? that crashing sound in the middle after the first chorus shocked me and i though that it was gonna change like I Got A Boy hahahaha~ that "thunder thunder thunder" part is a catchy hook~ tao and kris's rap breaks had these gun like sounds and feet stommping that i likeeeeeeeee

4. Run
this song is super cuteeeeeee. not really cutesy cute, but cute in an adorkable way ^^ its probably because i watched the comeback showcase, but whenever they make the hiya sounds i go along with them XD the ayo parts sounded quite high but in a nice way ^^ i can totally imagine this as a cute running around the stage kinda performance like 365~ kris's rap was more...err...not as deep. in the other songs he kind has this style where its very deep and husky and there are a lot of v/f sounds XD

5. Love, Love, Love
​THIS SONG KILLED ME. from the highlight medley i already knew that there was gonna be a song that has the lines "earth, air, water, fire" in it and i knew that it was this song so i had quite a bit of expectation. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. it starts of with a kind of chinese orchestra feel, then it worps and i started to wonder if the track i downloaded was broken or a fake, but then THE EAR PORN BEGAN. GODDAMN WUYIFAN YOUR RAPPING BE WOOSOFINEEEEE! my eyes seriously widened and i started having seizures XD *well not really but you get what i mean* his rapping...there's just something different with it that i like and love to bitssssss! the part before the chorus was kinda cheeky i think that's what i think lol does that make sense. in this song that i heard yixing's voice too hahaha >< the chorus had me screaming "CUZ YOU'RE MY EARTH AIR WATER FIRE!" XD taoris's rap together also slayed meeeeee T^T i seriously wanted to cry when i first listened to this song. so much perfection!  

2014.05.07, KT 뮤직

1. Overdose
baekhyun and kyungsoo's voices ughhhhh so goddamn nice! and i think it started from growl that i started paying attention to joonmyun's parts hahaha his voice is unexpectedly high and it didn't really stand out for me before, but right now his parts are my favourite parts x) his part before the bridge ahhhhh i died x) there's also something in the sound of chanyeol's rap that makes me curious if he can go faster, not that his rapping now is snow or anything, its just that he could be the next fastest rapper or something XD maybe in the future...anyhoo awesome song that i'll be listening to again and again till they release something new again <3 font="" nbsp="">

2. Moonlight
baekdo omg againnnnnn. zhe liang ge ren zhen de shi ah XD their vocals are heaven!

3. Thunder
i hear suho and chanyeol and everyone else omggggg i wanna cry TvT

4. Run
i think of kai whenever i hear this song XD he was just so cute during the showcase ^^

5. Love, Love, Love
chanyeol, sehun and kai's rapping were awesome as well, but i still prefer taoris >< there's just this first impression that was left on me by kris and tao~ this version's nice point is baekdo's vocals again kkk power duo! baekhyun's high notes...PERFECTION

so those were my mini reviews that were basically just word vomit hahaha
please forgive me, my brain still isn't functioning well @.@
i actually think i'm gonna fall sick soon, but let's hope that doesn't happen.
exo's comeback stage on mcountdown is starting soon! ^^ 
gonna go watch it now, so thank's for reading!


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