M.A.D Eco Summit (March 14-15)

March 15, 2011

the summit banner ^^
my group's banner (SAVE energy SAVE earth)
making recycled paper step 1: make the "ZA"
step 2: collect the "ZA"
step 3: put "ZA" on a flat surface
step 4: press the"ZA" dry with your hands or roll a bottle
step 5: shape the "ZA"
step 6: keep on drying it with the towel, and your "ZA" will turn to recycled paper!
Day 1---->>>I
- collected recyclable items from around Fair Park
- made group banner
- planned group sketch
- made recycled paper
- planned "eco-costumes"

Fellowship Night

- everyone was required to wear green O.O 
- presenting of sketches ( OMG IT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY XD)
- speech from DC Lion Alan Thoo, RCC Lion Marcus Loh and DP Leo Eliza Chia
- speech from OC (all about his birthday on 2012 =,='' lol)
- the club representatives signed the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and each club promised to
     i) Eliminate printing of Souvenir Programme/Booklet (Maximum allowed is 1 piece of A4         paper, if necessary)
     ii) Eliminate printing of Newsletter. All club information to go Online
     iii) Eliminate polystyrene and plastic bags at all club affairs
     iv) Minimize usage of disposable cutlery
     v) Eliminate Balloon decorations at all club affairs
     vi) Must organize tree planting in school or community area once a year
     vii) Must organize Eco Awareness Week in school/public in 2012 and 2013
     viii) Conduct Eco-awareness campaigns in school every quarter
     ix) Printing of any backdrops, banners, buntings to use Eco-friendly fabric.

Leo Club of PLHS representative signing
MOU (at 1st i had no idea wat that meant)
12 clubs signed    

Last Day
- made costumes for our "plastic collection" in Ipoh Parade
- went to Ipoh Parade
- while wearing our costumes, we...
     - exchanged plastic bags with the people there (they gave us their plastic bags, we give them a reusable, recyclable bag)
     - distributed and explained food containers made of paper to people in the food court (not the common polystyrene food container)

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