Precious Gift Home Orphanage and Ray Of Hope

September 18, 2010

whew! just got home, n im so damn tired! in the morning me n d Leo Club, which is me, yong hui, kher wei, our president xin jie n our vice president chi cheng, went 2 d Ray of Home home for special children n helped them in their family day. at about 1pm, we went 2 kher wei's house n hung out there 4 a while (we danced 2 an awesome tutorial video of ring ding dong by SHINee!). at about 4, when we almost finished our dance, we left kher wei's gigantic house and went 2 the Precious Gift Home orphanage. We played with the orphans there (boy, they were energetic!) and we performed Waka Waka 4 them. after dinner, we played with lanterns and ate mooncakes with them~ though tiring, today was SO ENJOYABLE!

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