Chin Botox Review at Kaiteki Clinic, The Hub SS2

August 2, 2023

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'm going to be sharing all about my chin Botox experience at Kaiteki Clinic in The Hub SS2.

Before we get into it, let me briefly explain why I decided to get Botox done on my chin. Ever since high school, I've noticed that my chin would have "wrinkles" when I closed my mouth and when my chin is not relaxed. Throughout the years, I've realised that it's because my chin does not have enough meat/volume to fill up my chin space and is the result of muscle contraction. 

The Mentalis Muscle is attached to the bone on one side and another side on our skin layer. When we do facial expressions, the muscle contracts (making both sides move towards each other) and therefore, the skin on your chin creates dimples or a wrinkled look.

Because my chin does not have enough volume, I've considered getting chin filler for a while now. I went for a consultation at Kaiteki Clinic to get some advice, and to see what options they recommend for my dimply chin.

Kaiteki Clinic, Petaling Jaya Branch B-1-03, The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.



I set my appointment and the whole flow was pretty smooth. I was sent a Whatsapp message by their team one day before my appointment, which I appreciated because I'm so busy and I often forget things lol. I was led to an area with some tea while waiting for my consultation, and I would say Kaiteki's SS2 branch is pretty aesthetic.

Although filler is a popular way of filling and defining the chin, I learned during my consultation that Botox on the chin (or specifically the mentalis muscle) is also a popular method of smoothening or even removing these wrinkles and dimples. Botox is injected into the mentalis muscle which improves the appearance of the dimples on the chin, which can appear smoother or even disappear altogether.

If you weren't already aware, Botox is a form of toxin that prevents a muscle from moving for a limited time. By preventing movement, it effectively smoothes face wrinkles and stops that area from moving a lot. Botox can refer to botulinum toxin (the full name of the toxin), or Botox the brand. There are other brands of Botox as well (like Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau, and Daxxify) but in general, Botox is considered the most popular.

The doctor that I consulted with recommended that I get Botox on my chin first and "smoothen/flatten" the area before considering filler. I found this to be a smart suggestion than just immediately going for filler because if you think about it, the muscles would still be contracting under the filler. By doing Botox before getting my filler done, it ensures the smoothest and most natural-looking result.

Botox is a fairly simple procedure: all they have to do is basically inject the target area with Botox so that it becomes relaxed.

I came to the clinic bare-faced on my off day, and we took some before pictures before proceeding. We then proceeded to apply numbing cream on my chin area to prep for the Botox injection.

The doctor then marked my chin area to mark where she would inject the Botox:

The Botox was then injected into my chin. It's a pretty straightforward process and it was done fairly quickly. They also used a vibrating device to distract me from the injection, but to be honest the entire thing wasn't painful at all and I barely felt a thing.

The doctor recommended not over-injecting Botox and we did 2 sessions. For the first session she targeted my entire chin area and for the second session, she targeted the muscles that still contracted. After both sessions, here's my before and after"

As you guys can see, the muscle contraction has been relaxed a lot and you can see a definite improvement! The wrinkly/dimply effect is gone and it's overall much smoother.

After the first treatment, the effects of the treatment was almost immediately obvious, especially when I compared my selfies from before the treatment. After the second treatment, it's a completely different look. I love the effect, and I think it helps improve my look in photos a lot. I'm still considering my chin filler, but with chin Botox alone I think it's already such a huge improvement.

I can say that there was no downtime because I returned to my life immediately after both treatments. Of course I tried to avoid touching the area and I keep the area clean. In general I always sleep on my back facing up so I didn't really lean to the side or put any pressure on my shin. Before the treatment, I Googled + was told at the clinic that there might be some slight swelling or mild bruising at the area, but I did not get any of these.

The effects of chin Botox is said to last around 4 months, and overall I'm very satisfied with my experience. I highly recommend getting chin Botox if you experience any chin dimpling like I used to, and I highly recommend giving Kaiteki a go as well.

And that's all for this review! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See you guys in my next post!

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