Parrot Botanicals now available in Malaysia

November 13, 2022

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Parrot Botanicals!

One of the most popular mainstays of Thai beauty products, Parrot Botanicals (Also called Parrot Soap by Thai locals) has been popular and renowned in Thailand for its unique floral and herbal scent.

Made with Parrot's secret formula together with superior Thai herbs, Parrot Botanicals provide cleanliness and freshness with a unique, long-lasting scent.

Lucky for us living in Malaysia because Parrot has finally arrived on our shores! You can now shop Parrot Botanicals' products on their official Shopee distributor:

I got all 3 variants of their shower cream, and here are my thoughts:

Parrot's signature scent, this shower cream combines rare Thai botanicals to reveal fresh and scented skin that lasts for as long as 8 hours. I found this a bit too herbal for liking, but I do think that the scent is really unique and refreshing.

A refreshing fragrance, this shower cream is infused with nourishing properties for a brighter, natural pinkish effect. The fragrance was long-lasting and delicate, and although I didn't see any immediate whitening effects, I did notice that my skin felt nice and soft.

A refreshing shower cream, this scent offers smooth radiance. I don't know why but this kind of reminded me of a Jo Malone scent!

Personally, I prefer liquid soap/shower creams, but Parrot also offers bar soaps! Personally this is much better for the environment as there is less waste, and I highly recommend you guys to give them a go as well.

White Thanaka
• Refreshing with “White Thanaka”
• For a brighter and long lasting fragranced skin

Thai Botanical & Herbs
• #1 Best selling
• Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove oil and Citronella oil.

Sweet Pink Roses
• Sweet Romance Scent of Rose
• Enhance skin with Rose scent and Aloe Vera

Thai White Jasmine
• Pure Whispering Sweet Scent of Thai Jasmine
• Pampering the skin with extract from and Tamarind

White Sakura
• Gentle fresh with white sakura
• Infused with brighter and natural pinkish skin

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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