Tiffany & Co Window Shopping & Wishlist

October 1, 2022

Hi guys! Pretty random update, but I'm here to show some snaps from my multiple Tiffany & Co visits recently and what I've been eyeing as of late.

Lately, I've been visiting Tiffany a lot. Not really to actually buy something, but more to do window shopping and just looking at pretty things haha.

While I was polishing a previous purchase, I came across this pretty silver Tiffany & Co mirror:

If it was on sale, I would totally buy it.

If you didn't already know, the Tiffany store in KLCC has closed down and will be moving to TRX soon. In the meantime, their Pavilion and Gardens stores are still open. I quite like how their experience store at The Gardens mall is. Not only is the decor nice, the staff are always friendly and engaging whenever I visit, regardless of whether or not I actually make a purchase.

I've stumbled upon a few "Bird on a Rock" pieces, and I can only dream to own one of these iconic high jewellery pieces in the future. A boy can dream~

I also came across some Schlumberger pieces:

I really like Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Sixteen Stone Ring, which features 18k gold and platinum with round brilliant diamonds:

Compared to a normal eternity ring, it just looks more opulent!

After purchasing my Hardware bracelet, I've been itching to add a necklace to my collection so I can have a complete set.

Here are the Tiffany Hardware pieces which can be used as a necklace:

Tiffany Hardware Wrap Bracelet • RM

Tiffany Hardware Link Necklace • RM7,100

Tiffany Hardware Wrap Bracelet • RM8,800

Tiffany Hardware Graduated Link Necklace • RM11,900

First off, here's what the wrap bracelet looks like:

I don't really see myself wearing it as a bracelet since I already have a bracelet (lol), but it can also be used as a choker:

I really like the look of the ball and padlock charms, but unfortunately, I think that it's a bit too tight as a choker. They did tell me that I can order extra links to lengthen the chain (at an extra cost of course).

If I attach the bracelet I own to this wrap bracelet, it becomes a long necklace like this:

I don't really wear necklaces in this length, so that's out of the question.

The link necklace which is meant to be used as a necklace in the first place looks like this:

It's the perfect length! However, it doesn't come with the ball and padlock charms. How I wish Tiffany sold them separately.

Here's what my bracelet and the link necklace look like when combined together:

Again, not that big of a fan of this style.

Anyway, on another visit, an SA mixed and matched some items for me. Basically, they took a gold version of the wrap bracelet, took the ball charm and attached it to the silver link necklace:

I love the look!

The wrap bracelet can still be used together with the padlock charm:

But to get this combo, it'll cost around RM50k, which isn't very realistic for me at the moment haha. I'm deliberating between the silver wrap bracelet and link necklace, and I hope I can make my mind up soon before the price increases.

Anyhoo, on another visit, I chanced upon some Tiffany teas:

And that's pretty much it for this diary/window shopping post.

I hope you guys found it fun and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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