Embark on your #StartOrganic Journey with Melvita

October 8, 2022

Step in and re-discover the organic world of Melvita with me!

I've previously shared about Melvita, and I'm sure they're no stranger to you clean beauty lovers out there.

Based in France, Melvita mixes the richness of local plants and crops with the French know-how of their trusted producers and agricultural experts to create organic and effective ingredients that are less complicated, less fuss and contain fewer chemicals.

My friend Mika and I popped by one day to rediscover them, and as Melvita trainees, we were reminded why we loved Melvita so much!

With no parabens, no silicone, no mineral oils, no triclosan, no phalates and no animal-derived ingredients in all of their products, you can be sure that Melvita only provides the best that organic beauty can provide.

By selecting natural ingredients that come from pesticide-free land and grown by passionate, committed farmers, Melvita prioritizes French supply chains whenever possible. Obtaining their active ingredients using environmentally friendly methods, they incorporate these ingredients into formulas created by their own laboratories in France.

One of the products that really caught my eye during my visit was the Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo Oil & Water. Containing Japanese Beautyberry, this duo targets dark spots and gives your skin a boost of radiance. With a two-phase texture composed of 20% oil and 80% floral water close to the structure of the skin for immediate absorption and effectiveness, this powerful Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo is made from 99% natural ingredients, certified organic, vegan and Made in France.

Some of my other faves were the Argan Bio-Active Intensive Contouring Serum (powered by breakthrough microbiotic argan oil & raspberry postbiotic to help achieve a balanced skin microbiome for firm, lifted & smooth skin) + the Sources de Roses Hydra-plumping Cream (for 48 hour auto-rehydration). I loved how quickly they absorbed into my skin without leaving any kind of residue or stickiness!

They also carry an extensive range of products that cater to everybody! From body care to hair care, they even carry products for babies and those with super sensitive skin.

If you're very conscious about what ingredients you apply on your skin, I highly recommend you to drop by your nearest Melvita store and discover their organic gems yourself!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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