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September 15, 2022

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Wright Life!

Wright Life is a health and supplement company from Hong Kong that aims to improve the health of people living in today's modern times. Maintaining a global quality and creating high quality and high standard products, Wright Life uses the tried and tested knowledge of 5000 years of Chinese medicine as a blueprint, mixing it with the most rigorous modern technology and cutting-edge specialists. The result is high-quality, safe and reliable modern Chinese medicine!

As someone who wants to live the best life possible, I do think that it's important to take care of your health. However, this isn't always possible, especially with my hectic lifestyle. As a freelance content creator, I often find myself stressing and working odd hours, working long hours and sleeping very late at night. Naturally, this affects my overall health condition. Although I made a conscious decision to avoid things like smoking, I do still think that I'm still quite vulnerable because I'm super exposed to pollution and toxins from living in the city. Basically, living in a city like KL isn't exactly the best for your health in my opinion haha.

With all this in mind, I was super happy to come across and learn all about Wright Life and their supplements! Aside from having Charlene Choi 蔡卓妍 as their Hong Kong ambassador, Wright Life is actually a super popular brand in Hong Kong. 

With advertisements appearing on 北京卫视 BRTV's variety show 辣妈辣么美, Wright Life is a well-known Hong Kong supplement brand that's been recommended by not only Charlene, but also by lots of Hong Kong actors and actresses. A quick search on Xiaohongshu actually also showed me a lot of good reviews!

Over the years, Wright Life has worked with many credible organizers to get awards, certifications and recognition, such as the Hong Kong Brand General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Food and Health Association, Home Affairs Department, US Food and Drug Administration and more. This impressive line-up + their rave reviews not only made me super excited to try their products out, but it also made me feel super safe with using their products + put my mind at ease.

Wright Life supplements are now available here in Malaysia on TopzMall! TopzMall's brand concept is "A Healthy Living Begins with Quality Lifestyle" and aside from offering the lowest prices, double-day sales campaigns, they also have roadshow events, flash pop-up stores, travel fair and tour packages, as well as online warehouse clearance and year-end sales!

To read more about TopzMall, click here.

Wright Life is now officially available here in Malaysia on TopzMall, and you can find all their products here.

They're currently having a lot of promotions on their supplements, and I highly recommend you guys to check them out because you save quite a lot!

I read up about their supplements and decided that for my current hectic lifestyle + concerns, the NMN15000 and Milk Thistle would be the best fit.

Wright Life
60 capsules • RM2,772.00 RM3326.00 • Link

Wright Life
Milk Thistle Extreme 清肝至尊
90 capsules • RM357.00 RM428.00 Link

Containing 250mg, Wright Life's NMN15000 has five main functions: improving physical functions, increases NAD+, DNA protection, delays aging and overall longevity. With a purity of 99.89%, 1 capsule of NMN15000 is equivalent to the NMN content of 40-280kg of beef. It's perfect for:
  • People who support healthy ageing
  • People who live a stressful lifestyle
  • People active in sports
  • People who have an unhealthy lifestyle
  • People who want to rejuvenate their skin
Click here to read my full review.

With a 4-in-1 medical grade formula to improve liver function, Wright Life's Milk Thistle Extreme helps to repair damaged liver cells, protect the liver, enhance the liver's function, promote alcohol breakdown + detoxification, as well as reduce fat accumulation over the liver. It's perfect for:
  • People who always stay up late and are lethargic
  • Those with liver problems and reduced liver functions
  • Those with liver fat problems
  • People who are frequently exposed to toxins and contaminants
  • Heavy drinkers and smokers
Click here to read my full review.

I take both supplements together, and I take two tablets each daily for maximum effect. 

I did some research and found that NMN was best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, while milk thistle can be consumed at any time of the day. Because of this, I usually take both of them first thing in the morning when I wake up.

Overall I think both supplements work quite well together. I did notice that I have a bit more energy in the morning, and I also find that I feel overall less lethargic throughout my day. I generally have good skin so I didn't see any dramatic effects, but I did notice that my skin does look slightly more radiant and "alive" if that makes sense. 

Check out my quick review in this video:

@fishmeatdie Let's stay healthy with #WrightLife! As someone who lives a hectic and stressful life, supplements are always welcome. I recently discovered Wright Life, a famous Hong Kong company that is recommended by lots of celebs like Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍). I decided to give the Milk Thistle Extreme + NMN15000 a try, and so far so good! Now available in Malaysia via @TopzMall official 🙌 #Wrightlife #TopzMall #Healthsupplement #supplement #beautysupplement #NMN15000 #detox #supplements #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #nutrition #diabetes #betterlife #lazada #shopee #cellrepairing #dna #youthliving ♬ original sound - Eros

Aside from the current ongoing discounted prices, they're also currently offering a set price of RM1617 when you purchase both the NMN15000 + Milk Thistle together. With a combined retail price worth RM3754, it means that you can save more than 50% off when you buy them together as a set!

You can also use my exclusive code EROS01 to get an extra RM50 discount when you buy any Wright Life product and spend up to RM300. Check out the T&C's below!

*Terms and Conditions:
1. This voucher is valid from immediate until 30 November 2022 only.
2. This voucher is redeemable for Wright Life package with min. spend of RM300 in single receipt.
3. Each user can only redeem the voucher once, regardless of the number of accounts owned by the user.
4. This voucher is based on first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last.
5. This voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only.
6. This voucher is not redeemable for shipping charges.
7. No replacement will be offered after users claim this voucher.
8. TopzMall reserves the absolute discretion to amend all or any part of this voucher at any time without prior notice.
9. Please kindly read and understand the full terms and conditions above before proceeding

You can also check out TopzMall's social media platforms for more updates on their campaigns launches! 

Official Website: https://topzmall.com/
Yippi Mini Program: @Topzmall 
TikTok account: @TopzMallOfficial

If you're interested in getting onboard or if you have any enquiries/collaborations in mind you can get in touch with TopzMall's BD Team via: 

Mr. Nicholas Gan 
Call / WhatsApp: +60147352600 
Email: nicholas.gan@topzmall.com

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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