UNIQLO FW22 Media Preview Event

July 13, 2022

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about the UNIQLO FW22 media preview event I attended!

For Fall/Winter 2022, UNIQLO is focusing on classics pieces and making them warmer, lighter and better.  Featuring jackets, water-repellent coats, and knitwear made using WHOLEGARMENT® technology, this upcoming season's lineup also features denim that requires much less water*, jackets made using recycled down, and fleeces spun from plastic bottles, items that will guide us toward a sustainable future.

Continually evolving knitwear is one of UNIQLO's specialities. 

This season, they employ the latest in knitting technologies, further refining the silhouette and enhancing comfort. The varied knitted fabrics and a rich lineup of colours add flair to outfits, accentuating the individuality of the wearer.

This season, UNIQLO is also focusing on trendy and fresh-style wide pants. I quite liked these painter pants with pockets on both sides, and the moleskin material feels super soft + adds an element of warmth suited for fall and winter.

Sport utility wear is super popular today, and I particularly love how multi-use sports utility wear is.

This season's lineup of simple and highly functional casual wear provides comfort, and is suitable for outfit styling and layering. I love the monochromatic colour combos as usual!

The ratio of recycled polyester in 2021 Fall/Winter items was 30%, but for the 2022 Fall/Winter collection has been increased to 100% for the outer material in all items for men, women, and kids. The variation of items has also been expanded!

This season, UNIQLO has collected end material left over from the production process at factories, as well as used fishing nets to make the recycled nylon used as raw material in the outer shell and lining of down items.

UNIQLO uses authentic down for their pieces, and it was great to learn more about the manufacturing process during the event.

Sustainability initiatives are a key part of UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy and continue to evolve and
grow each season. 

UNIQLO is committed to making strides to protect the future of the planet, such as
with recycled down and BlueCycle jeans that support the efficient use of resources and providing Repair Studios to extend the useful life of items.

I was lucky to be able to preview some of the upcoming collections coming to UNIQLO Malaysia, and my fave of all would of course have to be my ride-or-die: the UNIQLO U Line.

As the world opens up and we start travelling again, I think UNIQLO has a lot of essential and classic pieces that can work for everyone this upcoming season.

I particularly loved this bomber jacket! Very Top Gun haha.

I have my eye on so many of the pieces from the UNIQLO U Line, and you guys should definitely keep an eye out for them as well.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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