New & Reformulated Albion Skin Conditioner now available in Malaysia

July 29, 2022

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Albion's new and reformulated Skin Conditioner, now available in Malaysia

The Skin Conditioner Essential is one of Albion's hero products, and I've always heard so much about it from friends and online reviews. Recently reformulated, this skin essence contains concentrated organic Job's tears extract and now, organic Job's tears oil, the combined benefits of which instantly address the user’s skin condition for the restoration of trouble-free, healthy skin.

Job’s tears, the key ingredient of Skin Conditioner, is a plant usually found in tropical regions of Asia. 

The Job’s tears variety known as Kita no Hato is a hardy, vitality-rich grain developed by cultivating the plant in the frigid climate of Japan's Hokkaido region.

The Kita no Hato used in Albion products is organic and certified as meeting the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for Organic Plants.

The seeds of Job's tears are very hard, even after the husk has been removed. Therefore, a unique process called “blasting” has been employed in order to extract the most concentrated ingredients from Kita no Hato:

The new formula contains Job's tears seed extract oil. By husking and polishing the seeds right before the extraction process, Albion was able to extract oil that is less prone to environmental damage caused by temperature and humidity, among others, enabling Albion to produce oil that is always fresh.

It was great learning all about Albion's brand story, their extraction process, as well as to rediscover the new Skin Conditioner:

The previous formulation felt a bit powdery, while this new one feels a bit more cottony!

This essence aims to:

1. Restores normal epidermal metabolism for smooth, healthy skin. 
2. Controls melanin generation for skin brightness and clarity. 
3. Calms flushed skin and wards off inflammation, acne, and other skin problems. 
4. Refines the skin texture for firm, well-conditioned skin. 
5. Highly permeable formula moisturizes deeply and fully for long-lasting luster and suppleness. 
6. Refreshing and skin-pampering feel of use. 

After absorption, the skin feels dewy, fully moisturized, and supple!

You can discover Albion's new Skin Conditioner this weekend at Mori Kohi, as well as their counter at Isetan KLCC.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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