A Perfect Guide to make your shower arm long

July 30, 2022


Want to get rid of the limited mobility of your shower arms? Well, a shower arm long is perfect for serving you to cater to your needs and demands. An extended shower arm is all that you need to get unlimited mobility and flexibility in your bathroom shower area. Various guides have been made to make a shower arm long. However, our guide will be beneficial for you as it consists of easy steps you can follow to get the desired extension for your shower arm.

How to make your shower arm long?

If you are tired of using your traditional shower arm with reduced and limited mobility, you need to get one that will offer you improved mobility. Extending your shower arm will allow you to move your shower head away from its base. You will be able to do this by following a simple guide. This guide will help you extend your shower arm. Let's get started.

Remove the wrench over your shower head:

The process starts with the removal of an adjustable wrench from the base of your shower head connector. You must ensure that you do it slowly to prevent any major loss, such as damaging your adjustable wrench. Remove the jaws carefully and then keep them in a safe place. You will also have to rotate the wrench to make it loosen and then ultimately remove it from the base of your shower head connector.

Attach the wrench to the shower arm:

After you loosen and remove the adjustable wrench, you will have to attach it to your shower arm. Make it tighten by rotating it in an anticlockwise direction. This will let you remove the wrench from the wall of your shower head.

Add the new extension arm to the base:

Once you have attached the wrench to the shower arm, you can join the arm extension to the wall by wrapping the shower arm with the extension and overlapping the arm. As a result, you will be able to add the new extension arm to the base of your shower head connector.

Insert the base to the wall of your shower head:

Now you will need to insert the base into the wall. You will do so by rotating it in the clockwise direction. Here you will need the jaws to tighten the adjustable wrench over the connector base.

Tighten the adjustable wrench:

This step will require you to use the tightening jaws. You can use them to attach the wrench better, and as a result, you will be done with the tightening process.

Make a test to check the water leakage:

In the end, you have to make sure that all the steps have been done in the right manner to avoid undesirable consequences. You can check it by turning your shower arm on. If there is no water leakage, then your entire process is correct.

Bottom line:

A shower arm long is a way to extend your shower by fitting a pipe in them. This extension is needed to free movement of your shower arm throughout your bathroom. So, you can get better extension quite easily with these shower arms.

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