Plant Origins Hari Raya Gift Box 2022 Unboxing & Review

April 27, 2022

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Plant Origins' Hari Raya Gift Boxes!

If you guys remember, I previously shared about their Christmas set and their rebranding, and I really loved their products. I've since then spread the oils in my office and from time to time, we all enjoy the soothing scents that definitely keep us all calm at work haha. I use their oils and diffuser regularly in my room as well, and I do think they're a great place to get diffusers, essential oils and other self-care items at an affordable rate.

With Hari Raya just around the corner, they've recently come up with gift boxes perfect for those travelling back to their hometowns this festive season.

Containing products worth RM150 the Balik Kampung Raya Gift Box retails for RM100!

This particular set comes with all your essentials to elevate your home this Raya, including my fave diffusers and essential oils from Plant origins:

This set I got contains Blood Orange, and as a citrus fan, I love how this scent pics up any room and makes it smell super delicious!

You can view their extensive selection of essential oils here if you're interested in more scents, but I personally love oranges and I think this scent isn't too overpowering: just the right amount of zest.

This particular set comes with a limited edition bag:

And the ba actually has custom pockets that help to securely hold on to your oils, making sure they don't spill on your way to balik kampung.

Since nobody enjoys heavy luggage, this set also comes with a convenient bag of miniature goodies that you can use while you're on your trip!

For convenience, I definitely thing this set is a nice purchase as a gift for a friend, family member or even for youself.

Here are some of their other offerings this season, and you can check them all out here.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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