COLLISION at Zhan Art Space Kit Woo x Peisy Tan • Kit Woo SS22 Collection

February 14, 2022

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about the COLLISION exhibition at ZHAN Art Space by Kit Woo and Peisy Ting.

Combining contemporary art and streetwear, the exhibition showcases experimental artworks by Peisy that compliments Kit's fashion pieces. Vice versa, the capsule collection by Kit will also feature Peisy's distict design and elements on them.

Located in ZHAN Art Space in Jaya One, the exhibition will be open from 17 January to 13 March 2022.

It was quite interesting seeing Kit Woo's pieces juxtaposed with the art in the exhibition, and the displays were all very industrial and cool.

While we browsed around, we were also greeted by models who were showcasing Kit Woo's latest collection:

As the event description said, there are also some pieces in Kit Woo's collection that feature the artist Peisy's touch:

I quite liked these white pieces, but I'm so bummed I forgot to snap a picture of this awesome blazer jacket I saw!

While browsing the art space, I also got the chance to sample some whisky from The Whisky Notes.

And that's it for this post! Congrats to Kit and his team for another amazing collection.

See y'all in my next post!

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