Chanel Valentine's Day In-Store Event KLCC • N°1 DE CHANEL Haul

February 15, 2022

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about the Chanel event I attended, as well as my recent No.1 de Chanel haul!

This new line of skincare, makeup and even fragrance actually launched last January, and I previously dropped by to check it out but didn't really purchase anything.

Last week, my friend Jerine told me to check my email because there was an in-store event invitation, and although it was pretty vague, I decided to drop by and check it out.

The even was basically a discovery session where their beauty advisors would introduce the line, let you try the textures and let you know more about the products.

Formulated with Red Camellia extracts, this No.1 de Chanel skincare line uses the flower's revitalizing powers to give the skin energy and help with anti-ageing.

With 97% naturally-derived ingredients, No.1 de Chanel is Chanel's first-ever clean beauty line. Featuring 9 sustainable products, this line comes packaged in recycled glass, with lids made with 90% bio-based materials and packaging free from cellophane. They also use organic ink for all packaging, replaced paper leaflets with a QR code and offers refillable options to overall reduce waste.

Made in France, the 95% naturally derived ingredients are formulated in Gaujacq, a town in Southwest France. With temperatures similar to Japan and the South of China, it's also here where they source their red camellias.

The main active ingredient in this line is, of course, the red camellia extract. Chanel states on their website that it helps achieve 67% higher cellular vitality after use, and that it helps diminish wrinkles by 25%, tighten pores by 25%, increase the skin's elasticity by 25% and make the skin 54% more radiant.

I asked the beauty advisors where they would place this on Chanel's hierarchy of skincare lines, and they actually told me that this is the entry-level line that serves as more of a prevention purpose. Above this line would be Hydra Beauty, followed by Le Lift and Sublimage.

The texture was indeed quite lightweight and it absorbed pretty quickly into my skin. I think this would be great for Malaysia's temperate weather, but I also think those like me in their 20s would benefit the most from this line. If you're a bit more mature, I think you might want something richer or more intensive.

When I first dropped by during the launch, only the 50ml bottle was available for RM650. During my 2nd visit during the even, I found out that the 30ml bottle is now available in Malaysia and retails for RM475.

Here's the current No.1 de Chanel line:

During the event, I got to try out all the textures of this line.

The packaging for the powder was quite interesting to me. It features a twist cap that prevents it from overflowing, different from the usually open bottles or capsules from Japanese brands that also do powder cleansers.

I'm not too sure about the serum-in-mist. Although it has a bi-phase formula that's meant to be a refresher during the day, I think that it's kind of just a diluted version of the serum lol.

I did enjoy the cream and eye cream, and even the essence seemed like something I would enjoy using.

Aside from skincare, this line currently features 2 makeup products: a skincare infused foundation and a multi-purpose lip and cheek cream tint:

It also features one fragrance mist which in my opinion is actually quite nice! I'm not sure how long it will last throughout the day since it is just a mist, but I think the scent is quite nice. It's only available in a 100ml bottle and retails for RM490.

If you'd like to try any of the products, the beauty advisors were actually more than happy to give away samples:

During the event, they told me that they were actually doing some sort of gift-with-purchase event since Valentine's was just around the corner. 

Being the shopaholic that I am, I took it as a sign to buy some products from the line. If there are free gifts, I'll definitely buy hahaha.

To fulfil the criteria for the free gifts (lol), I bought 3 items:

RM475/RM650 • link

RM320 • link

RM 225 • link

If you purchased above RM1000 with the No.1 de Chanel serum included, you were eligible to receive Valentine's chocolates, a Chanel Beauty bag and a DIY-flower kit:

They gave one flower as a reference and the kit included 2 you could make yourself. It took me almost 4 hours to create those 2 flowers haha.

If you purchased 2 products from the No.1 line inclusive of the serum, you were eligible to receive 2 gifts: a serum pouch and a reusable facial cleanser:

These are cute but I just like the pouches since I love a good logo haha. At least I can reuse them!

And that's pretty much it for this haul! Since I just got the products, I'll give them a go and share my thoughts and reviews with you guys soon.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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