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January 30, 2022

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about my review of Motherchuckers and whether or not I think they're worth it.

If you live in Malaysia, chances are that you've heard of Jane Chuck and her 2 brands: Chucks and Motherchuckers. Chucks is her skincare line and Motherchuckers is the lifestyle/clothing extension.

As one of (if not the) top influencer in Malaysia, I would say both her skincare and her clothing line is quite successful. In terms of content and aesthetics, no one is doing it like them here in Malaysia.

With their clothing, they always emphasize that they produce very limited quantities and never reproduce/restock. Paired with the elevation and prestige that Jane + her circle of high profile KOLs bring to the brand, the clothes are always highly sought after. Basically, by sending her clothes to her popular friends, she's managed to make everyone in Malaysia want her clothes.

But throughout the months since her launch, people have started to wonder if the clothes are even worth it. At their price tag, you can easily get something similar from more established brands like Nike or Adidas. Some argue that you're paying for quality, but some counter and say that the quality is quite subpar. Some say that the limited quantities make production costs higher so it justifies the retail price, but in the age we live in, I don't think it's that expensive to produce what they produce.

There's also an added element of prejudice in it all. Like it or not, you have an opinion about Jane. You either love her and buy everything she releases because you're a fan, or you just think it's a KOL-made brand with jacked up prices.

In the midst of it all, I actually had a retrospective episode where I asked myself, why do I have such a negative view of the brand when I've never even tried or touched any of their pieces before. Is it sexism? Am I perpetuating toxic behaviour just because some behave like that?

Anyways, I could go on and on, but TLDR, they released a collection with nice colours and I decided to give them a go and purchase some pieces.

The sweater sets intrigued me the most, so I decided to pick up one jumper and one pair of shorts in my fave shade of brown.

My order amounted to RM506, and by comparison, my custom fit Behati set cost me RM498 while my CNY shirt this year from Brian KHOO cost me RM480.

I ordered on January 11 and received my order pretty quickly a few days later.

I quite like the packaging, and I love how they came with drawstring dustbags. I actually use the bags for gym now, and I think they're a cute detail/freebie.

I know that the sweater is supposed to be oversized, but here's how their L compares to Uniqlo's women's L (which fits me snugly). The insides of both feel pretty much the same to me.

If I had been able to try them on offline, I think I would have gotten the sweater in M, but I guess it's still not too bad. The shorts in L were a nice fit.

I would say that they're slightly thinner and not as hot as my Uniqlo U set, but I do think it's similar to some of the thinner Uniqlo sweaters. The thickness is just nice that I feel cozy indoors under aircon and cool enough without sweating buckets outdoors.

I still think I should have gotten an M top, but overall I think it looks ok.

I paired the look my with Longchamp Le Filet, and as you can tell, I love my browns/beiges/nudes haha.

So do I think the price is worth it? I don't think so. At best, the quality is Uniqlo level, but I don't think that warrants price tags double of Uniqlo. In the end, you're buying this because of branding and because you want to be associated with the brand. It's kind of like how luxe brands are. A RM5000 Dior t-shirt is definitely not worth that retail price, but you buy it to send a message to people that, hey, I can afford it and I associate myself with the brand.

I've worn my set multiple times now and I've had no issues with it. No washing or shrinking issues and no problems with the embroidery. I wouldn't be opposed to buying more pieces if I spot any nice colours,  but granted that these are just basic athleisure wear that you can get from Uniqlo/Taobao, I don't see myself splurging on them again any time soon.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and helpful.

See you in my next post! 💕

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