Tamburins Hand Sanitizer Trio Set Review Malaysia

December 7, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about the Hand Sanitizer Trio Set that I purchased from Tamburins.

A long time ago, I actually blogged about Tamburins here on my blog, and you can click here to check it out. Last time they were known for their super sleek and minimalist packaging, especially for their essence and their hand cream.

They have since expanded their range of products to include more fragrance products, as well as hand sanitizers. Last year, Tiffany from SNSD mentioned it on Vogue as one of her must-have items:

On the day that the video dropped, Tamburins actually sold 8000 of that very same hand sanitizer!

It immediately became a viral product, and Tamburins even ended up engaging her because her impact was just so big hahaha.

I think the fact that it was an aesthetic product and that it was a genuine recommendation (not product placement) encouraged people to buy it. Plus, since we're living in the era of Covid, hand sanitizers are essential anyway.

A few months later, we saw it again in Taeyeon's What's in my Bag video because she said that Tiffany gave her some as a gift and she enjoys using it as well:

Safe to say that after that, these hand sanitizers just exploded and were really hard to get a hold of haha.

On Tamburins' website, each hand sanitizer retails for KRW8500 (~RM30), while the set of 3 retails for KRW24500 (~RM86).

I found a listing on Shopee Malaysia that sold each one for RM58 and the set for RM128, and since I didn't want to deal with international shipping myself, I decided to buy from this reseller.

Click here to check it out.

I ordered on October 5 since it was on a preorder basis, the seller only shipped it on October 18 and I received it on October 25.

I decided to get the set with all the scents so I could try them all out and figure out which one I like the most.

I have to say that although its minimalist, it really does look quite chic.

It comes in a transparent squeeze bottle that's easy enough to dispense:

Sandalwood | Patchouli | Earthy
Still Light, Uplifted Air, Soil and Root. The uplifted air felt in the vast expanse of earth and the still light in it. The tamburins’ signature scent, 000, evokes us of deep and calm movements of soil and root, which means the cycle of nature. 

Rosewood | Coconut scent | Elegance
The natural fragrance of unrefined wildflowers of Rosewood and Lavandin combined with the sweet remnants of Coconuts leaves an elegant and charming feeling. 

Patchouli | Bitterness grass stems | Smoky
The first fragrance of the soft and enchanting transparency of Osmanthus and the deep decadent aroma of Tabaco express the charm of ambiguity of the sense. The contrasting blend of innocence and decadence gives you a new and intense beauty.

These hand sanitizers have a gel texture that contains 64% ethanol and centella asiatica extracts to add moisture along with hand sanitizing function. I like how it doesn't leave any sticky feeling and how it absorbs quite quickly, letting you sanitize your hands without any hassle.

As for the scents, they're not very common and I do think that they smell very luxurious, kind of like scented candles. Since the hand sanitizers are formulated with ethanol, I don't recommend directly sniffing/smelling them. Once you use them, you actually naturally smell the scent faintly so you don't even have to do that.

It doesn't really leave my skin dry or tight like other sanitizers, but because I do have a gel manicure most of the time, I'm very aware of my naturally dry cuticles and frequently apply hand cream. I have to admit, putting a scented hand cream on top will overpower the sanitizer's scent, so I think that's something to keep in mind.

I definitely think they're worth trying, and I think it's always handy to have hand sanitizers around nowadays. They're not the cheapest and of course you can get others easier, but if you're looking for a nice scented option, you can give these a go.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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