Abib Jericho Rose Line Launch

December 12, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about the new Jericho Rose line from Abib.

Abib is a super minimalist K-beauty brand that's super popular for their sheet masks, and I love how aesthetic their branding is.

They recently released the Jericho Rose line, which comprises of 3 products: a serum, a sheet mask and a cream:

The Rose of Jericho (which inhabits extremely dry desert areas) maintains its figure as a dry plant and fully blooms once it gets in contact with moisture. With this new line of products, you can experience the strong nourishing moisturization of the Jericho Rose.

I received this Nutrition kit from Abib with all 3 new products:

It's currently available for sale, but only on Abib's Korea website:

Here in Malaysia, it is available through Abib's official Shopee store:

Abib Jericho rose Essence Nutrition Pump (50ml)

Containing 50,078ppm of Jericho Rose extract, this serum also features:

■ Triple Nutrition Complex™
- Bio Desert Oil
- Plant-based Oat Butter (Plant-based oat butter replenishes the skin)
- 8-layer Hyaluronic Acid  (Helps sustain an active moisture layer that fills and maintains your skin with moisture)

■ Micro oil drop.
The formula full of micro oil droplets fortified with nutrients burst into absorption once rolled onto your skin, providing a replenished, healthier-looking skin texture.

Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask_Jericho rose Fit (10pcs)

Containing up to 29,400ppm of Jericho Rose extract, this mask also features:

■ Creamy essence formula.
With a creamy essence formula concentrated with moisture penetrates the skin gently, providing intense nourishment on dull and tired skin.

■ Mild acidic pH.
Maintain a gentle pH balance that helps you maintain a healthy, energized skin!

ALBAM = ALbumen + BAMboo A special sheet blended with bamboo textile and albumin (egg whites)! The sheet shrinks into a tight fit on skin once applied, at the same time providing maximum essence absorption.

■ FIT!
FIT! The power of a full bottle of serum in one sheet mask!

Abib Jericho rose Creme Nutrition Tube (75ml)

Containing 30,380ppm of Jericho Rose extract, this cream also features: 

■ Nutrition.
Jericho rose and Chaga mushroom extract recharges dull skin with nutrition and enhances skin's natural strength.

■ Rich creamy texture.
Highly enriched creamy texture gets absorbed into the skin without any stickiness.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

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