Nike Air Max 90 Unlocked By You Review Malaysia

July 14, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about my new Air Max 90, as well as my review of Nike's Unlocked By You customization service!

If you've been a follower of mine for a while now, you may or may not know that I'm totally obsessed with Nike Air Max 90s

I previously shared about them here in my shoe cleaning review, and I'm just head over heels in love with them (literally). My Desert Sand pair in particular is so versatile/easy to match that I wear it to death with all of my outfits:

I recently created my own Air Max 90 on Nike's website, and today, I'll be sharing all about it!

If you'd like to watch all about it instead, you can check out this video I made on YouTube. I also talk about my review of Air Max 90 shoes in general after wearing them for 5 years:

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Basically, I'm the type to never care about my shoes. I just buy a pair and wear them till they wear out and get a new pair. However, after getting my Desert Sand Air Max 90s, I really regret not taking better care of them. Don't get me wrong, they've held up pretty well considering what I've put them through, but I do wish I took care of them so they look good in pics.

I've stalked the internet high and low for a new nude/beige pair, but I never found one that was actually on sale. A lot of sites just have the listing up but aren't actually selling it, and the new drops are so hard to get a hold of. 

I don't mind paying full price, but nude/beige/browns are just so hard to come by. That's why when I heard about the Nike By You customization service available on Nike's website, I was super intrigued.

The prices depend on the style you choose, and the Air Max 90 Unlocked By You currently costs RM619. Compared to the usual price of RM450-RM500, I thought that it wasn't an extreme difference in price and that it's pretty affordable for a custom shoe.

I found out about this last year but there weren't a lot of colour options back then. This year however, I saw that they updated the colour options!

Not only can you choose from the updated colours, you can also select from various materials such as twill textile, premium leather, premium suede, perforated leather and quilted leather.

Another thing that stopped me last time was the midsole. Previously it was only available in black and white. Now it is available in Desert Sand as well!

Initially wanted to make another full Desert Sand version because the mudguards on mine are starting to show signs of wear, but the Lower Eyestay did not offer any Desert Sand colour options:

Because of that, I had to make some modifications and add some noir accents:

For custom pieces, you'll get a custom hangtag that you can customize as well. I thought of putting my initials but it only allows up to 3 characters, so I decided to leave mine blank.

After selecting the colours you like, it will appear like a normal product listing and you can proceed to check out:

The total came up to RM619, but since there was 11% cashback via Shopback and I had existing Shopback credit, I only paid a total of RM193 for this pair! I definitely recommend shopping smartly so you don't lose out on any deals.

Nike just launched their new app here on Southeast Asia, and you can currently get 10% OFF app orders as well.

I ordered my shoes on June 4, and although the official estimation given to me was Jul 8, I received my shoes on June 24. Shipping was pretty fast considering it's custom + Covid is still going on!

Once your order is received, you'll get email updates on its status too, and I thought the overall process was super smooth.

I noticed that the creation platform for other shoes looked different from the Air Max 90s:

And the most annoying thing is that when I downloaded the new app a few weeks after placing my order, I realized that the colours had been updated and I could now create a full Desert Sand pair. So annoying! I guess now I have to create another custom pair lol

Here's my unboxing:

It came packaged in a white Nike By You box, and I love how they added a "Nike By Eros" sticker on the box too. Such a cute detail.

Because I couldn't create a full Desert Sand pair when I made my order, I settled on mixing Taupe Haze, Malt and Black.

If you guys compare the shots below to the shots on the website above, the final product definitely doesn't match what I expected lol. Having never owned any Nike shoes in Taupe Haze, I expected it to come out a bit more brown. The final shoes however came out in a more dusty/mauve-y colour. I don't mind this as I do think they do look quite dreamy, but just a note, the colours you see online might not be 100% accurate when you get them.

The premium leather above looks really good, and below you can see that the premium suede looks just as nice:

One thing that I've noticed as well is that the cut edges of the leather seem to still be in the original colour, and you can still see them peeping through:

I got the tongue in leather and I think it looks so premium. The imprint makes it look a bit retro too.

Here's some more Taupe Haze details: 

For the midsole, I got them in my fave Desert Sand:

Overall I'm really happy with the colour combo I created, even though it was slightly different from my expectations. Just look at how pretty they all blend together!

The hangtag is nice too but now, looking back, I do wish I wrote something on it haha. I guess I'll just use this one as a keyring for my keys.

Overall would I recommend Nike's Unlocked By You customization service? I definitely would! If you're someone like me who hates waiting, this is a great option since you don't have to wait for Nike to create a colourway that you like. I've taken these out already and they feel exactly like my other Air Max 90s.

I do recommend checking the site/app from time to time to see what colours are available and to make your preferred shoes as soon as you can. I don't know if the colours will be rotated regularly, and I think it's better to get your fave colours while you can than risk it disappearing forever.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

If you'd like to hear more about why I love Air Max 90s + see more shots of the shoe I created, don't forget to check out my YouTube video:

See y'all in my next post!

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