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July 5, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing some insider info about Dior's Beauty Loyalty Program, how you can become a Dior VIP Member in Malaysia, as well as the gifts that you can redeem.


First off, if you're a Dior beauty lover like me, welcome! I'm sure you're already aware of some of the benefits that you're entitled to as a Dior customer, but in case you aren't or if you're new, I decided to make this comprehensive guide for you.

First off, you earn Dior Points with every purchase. It varies per country, but in Malaysia, RM1 spent equals 1 Dior point.

In Dior, there are 3 membership tiers: Dior Member, Dior Fan and Dior Platinum:

Dior Member Tier Qualifications:
  • Dior Member: Any purchase
  • Dior Fan: Purchase of RM550 and above
  • Dior Platinum: Purchase of RM9000 and above

The points you earn can either be converted into vouchers that you can use towards future purchases or you can use them to redeem gifts. For vouchers, Dior will usually have a members event from time to time, and this is the only time you can convert points back into cash. 4800 Dior points = RM300. You can only convert and use the points during these special events.

On your birthday, you are also entitled to earn double points, however, this is only available for one purchase. Meaning you can only make one double point purchase on your birthday month, so you better make it count!

I'll talk about the gifts that you can redeem later in this post. First, I'll talk about the points system and the other Dior benefits you can enjoy.

As a member, you'll receive a member card in the mail:

It doesn't really serve any purpose and it's more of a collectable since they keep track of your account/purchases online via your phone number. Here is how your account will look like from Dior's side:

They will have a record of all your purchases and they separate this into 8 categories:

How to earn Dior Points:
Super simple, spend at Dior! Do note that in Malaysia, only purchases from the Dior Boutique and select Dior counters in department stores are eligible to earn Dior Points. This means that purchases through retailers like Sephora don't earn you any points.

Dior recently opened their official e-commerce website, and you can also earn points there, but as someone who already has existing Dior Points, I couldn't find find a way to access my current account. So if you want to buy something and earn points, I still recommend buying offline.

Best way to buy Dior Beauty Products:
There are 3 ways you can buy Dior products in Malaysia: via the Dior boutiques, Sephora or department store counters. The advantage of buying from a Dior Boutique is that they usually get stocks first, so getting limited edition items is easier. They also have the points redemption events I mentioned above. However, the Dior boutiques never have sales. They might have special sets with nice prices, but the items never go on sale (unlike Sephora's storewide 20% discount that also applies to Dior products).

If you can, I recommend shopping from Isetan. There are also no discounts, but not only do you earn Dior points, but you also earn Isetan points that can be converted into vouchers, By earning both Dior Points and Isetan points, you can also claim vouchers in Isetan and claim vouchers in the Dior Boutique.

My tip is to have contacts everywhere haha. This way, you're always in the loop if there are any upcoming special collections. You can also easily inquire about product availability from the SAs and reserve items, get samples, etc.

When you first become a Dior member, you will get a welcome gift, and although the website states that only Platinum members get this, I think all members (once they spend more than RM500 anyway) will be given a few minis and samples.

As a Dior member, you will receive Dior Communications. The most basic form of this is an SMS when there are promotions/events available.

As you go up the ladder, there will be more types of communication, such as physical newsletters:

As well as Dior Magazines (though I find that for Dior magazines, most times you have to request it):

I've only received one product gift from them ever, which is this mini sized Dior Prestige Serum:

For birthday gifts, I'm not sure exactly what it is. On my birthday last year I received some minis and a bottle of honey (lol), so this year, I'm going to see what I get.

As for the gift redemptions, there are 4 tiers of gifts:
  • Level 1 Gift: 4,800 points
  • Level 2 Gift: 7,500 points
  • Level 3 Gift: 20,000 points
  • Level 4 Gift: 35,000 points

The gift selections are refreshed periodically, and here are some past gifts previously available. To see the current selection of gifts in 2021, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Dior passport holder + travel perfume spray

The perfume spray was also sold as a free GWP with perfumes during the holidays, and since the design wasn't that appealing to me, I never claimed it.

Dior pouch + Dior Lipstick + Dior Nail Lacquer

Dior Eye Sleeping Mask + Dior Capture Totale Set

I've never seen this in Malaysia but it looks quite cute and usable!

Dior Lacquered Wood Case + Lip Pencil + Rouge Dior 999

Monogrammed hair brush + Miss Dior Hair Mist

Gold & marble mirror + Silk embroidered pillow + Dior Prestige Serum

One of the more attractive gifts! I've had my eye on this for the longest time.

Dior Lacquered Blue Wooden Box

I only ever saw this online, and I think it's a country exclusive gift for China.

Dior Bracelet & Earrings

This was previously the highest tier gift at 35,000 points. It used to be available for sale in the fashion boutique as well, and the retail was around RM3,500. This means that by spending RM35,000, you get a gift worth 10% of your spendings back. I personally didn't think this was a good gift since not everyone will like this style. The allure of it wasn't there for me too since they're publicly accessible and not limited/exclusive in any way

In 2020, these were the gift selections:

From my knowledge, there was a separate gift for Muslim customers because the hair brush contained non-halal bristles.

The gift redemption selection was updated in April for 2021, and here's what you can currently redeem in exchange for your points:

Dior Makeup Travel Set
4,800 Dior Points

The pouch has since been replaced with this travel tag, a full sized Rouge Dior Lipstick in the shade 999 as well as a Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer. Personally I would not go for this as I have my nails done monthly and I don't see the appeal of a nail varnish. Keep your points for the big gifts!

Dior Revitalizing Ritual
7,500 Dior Points

Super super worth it. I'm so glad that the hair brush/lipstick gift was replaced with this! The Level 2 gift is now a pink Dior water bottle and a full sized bottle of the Capture Totale High Performance Treatment Serum Lotion.

New 2021 Dior VIP Gift - the pink Dior Water Bottle!

I highly recommend getting this because it's super pretty. It is just a water bottle, but it's not available for sale even in the fashion store and is an exclusive gift.

The Dior Prestige Ritual
20,000 Dior Points

I used to aim for this because I wanted to use the pillow as a prop for my pictures (lol) and I thought the mirror was really pretty. I would still want it if I could get it, but after redeeming my points for the bottle, I would not spend a lot again just to get this haha. Maybe in another life, we'll meet, my elusive silk pillowcase.

Exceptional Skincare Routine
35,000 Dior Points

Containing the serum, lotion and eye cream, this Dior Prestige Set comes with a hourglass and a double-layered box. I would say that the hourglass is quite unique as I've never seen an Dior hourglass before, but it's a bit too simple for 35,000 points haha. Just for your reference, the 3 full sized products retail in 2021 for RM2348.

The box design itself is pretty, but it's not something I haven't seen before. Last year, Dior's holiday coffrets came packaged in the same design/box:

I blogged about it a bit here and did a Youtube video as well:

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Having owned the box, I do think it's pretty. However, for 35,000, I don't think it's that worth it. The blue wooden box I shared above would have been much nicer in my opinion (granted that it contained full-sized products as well). This box is actually wooden as well but it doesn't luxe as the wooden box? I definitely love my box (which cost me around RM1.6k I think) but I don't think spending 35k is justifiable.

There are other gifts that I see floating around on the internet, like this Maison Christian Dior acrylic candle cover:

As well as there Dior woven picnic baskets:

Maybe the Dior Boutiques and Maison Christian Dior have different gifts. I'll have to do some research and find out haha.

If you'd like to know about the difference between regular cosmetics and fragrances found in the Dior Boutique vs. products sold in Maison Christian Dior Parfums, please click here to read all about it. 

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. 

See y'all in my next post!

Dior VIP Member Gift 2021

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