March 9, 2021

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about Uniqlo's Uniqlo U Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

If you guys follow my blog and my Instagram, you may have seen that I bought and reviewed some pieces from the Uniqlo U Fall/Winter 2020 collection last year:

Click here to read all about it

A new season is now upon us, and in today's post, I'll be sharing all about the new Uniqlo U Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

If you weren't already familiar with it, the Uniqlo U line is made in collaboration with Christophe Lemaire from the Lemaire brand. In line with Lemaire's codes, the pieces from the various Uniqlo U collections aim to add the practicality and sturdiness of military garb & workwear to your wardrobe, offering simple, comfortable and timeless pieces made with high-quality materials and a neutral colour palette for everyday wear.

The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection was released in Malaysia on January 22 and is still currently available for sale. It is available offline in selected Uniqlo stores, but you can view and shop the full collection online on their app and website.

Click here to view the full collection.

In today's post I'll be sharing three coordinates I put together with pieces from this new collection, as well as my thoughts and reviews on the pieces themselves.

A continuation of my monochromatic sweater set obsession, I selected this set because I really loved the previous beige set I got. I really regret not buying the dark brown set last season, so I just had to get my hands on a dark-coloured set this time around.

This time I opted for a hoodie instead of the normal sweater.

Updated for a cleaner look, the hoodie is very soft and comfy, and I think you can wear it both at home and when you're out and about because of how nice it looks. I personally wouldn't work out in this set as I find it a bit too thick for workout wear, but I didn't buy it for that purpose anyway so it's okay.

As loungewear/outerwear, I think both the hoodie and the sweatpants look chic.

If you read my previous review, you'll remember that the set I previously bought was the women's set in size L. I wouldn't have minded buying from the women's side again, but this khaki colour from the men's side looked the best to me, so I ended up buying the M size men's set.

Uniqlo sizing is pretty easy to convert as they have size charts on their app & website. Most of the items from the Uniqlo U collections are usually quite neutral and unisex, and I love how you can mix and match them around.

My fave pieces from this season, the tones from these pieces are totally my vibe and got my attention as soon as I browsed the catalogue.

Made with durable and long-lasting 100% cotton, this set brought me to the wheat fields of Paris and looked super dreamy to me. At first, the colours reminded me of those safari/explorer outfits ala-Indiana Jones or Professor Porter from Tarzan, but the colour is actually more of this nice, faded wheat/corn shade.

Made with 12.5 oz. broken twill denim, these pieces feature 100% cotton denim for a 70s feel. They're also double-needle stitched so they can last longer, and the jacket features convenient pockets on the inside as well.

The jacket is actually made to be slightly longer to create an elegant silhouette, while the pants give a slender fit. I got both the jacket and the pants in M, and I think both sizes are perfect for me. The M pants fit perfectly, and although I think an S jacket would have fit me as well, I prefer the M jacket as the length of it really compliments my body.

The pants aren't too skinny nor too wide, and they feature a basic cut that's easy to style.

The jeans have a high rise fit that's perfect: not too low and not too high. The shirt I decided to pair with this look is actually one that I've bought before in other colours. I highly recommend this T-shirt if you're looking for a basic shirt that feels nice and soft. Do note however that the sizing for this women's U t-shirt runs quite small (as I'm wearing XL). More sizes are available online on Uniqlo's website, and a men's version with more colours and a bigger fit is also available.

Because of the material used, Uniqlo says that the more you use these jeans, the more depth and "atari" fading (faded ridges/creases) will appear. I really like the texture of the pants, and it's actually not as stiff/hard as you would expect denim to be.

I love the vintage vibe of this entire look, and I can confidently say that these pieces are my fave from the entire collection.

Utilitarian and to the point, this outfit is a perfect combination of casual comfort and workwear.

The colour palette is (again) right up my alley, and I love how nice it looks. On one hand it looks sleek and minimalist while on the other, it looks simple enough to still look business-ready.

I've actually bought a few other colours of this shirt before, one in beige and one in maroon. The reason why I like to buy my Uniqlo items in several colours is because I have this mentality of "if you like it, buy it in every colour you like". Especially with the Uniqlo U items, I find that they can be used as my "daily uniform", and I can easily mix and match my work outfits without having to think too much. This time around I got this shirt in dark brown, and I love how earthy it looks.

One new addition to my wardrobe are these pants, and I'm so glad that they look amazing on me. I never really liked pants with pleats because I always thought they looked too formal, however these pants proved me wrong. These pants don't look too formal, and I think it's because of the material (it's not too thick so it has some flow to it).

I also noticed that although they're comfy and thin, they don't wrinkle that easy. I've learned to iron and hang them in a way that won't cause any extra lines, but aside from those, throughout the day it actually doesn't really have as many lines/creases as you'd expect. I searched it up and saw that Uniqlo uses a special weaving technique to make these pants more wrinkle-resistant

The stylish silhouette of the pants really compliment my figure, and although I think I should have gone a size down, the fit is still pretty good when I use a belt. It's pretty high-waisted on me (my fave type of pant height as I think it makes me look taller/accentuates my waist the best), and the material is really breezy and breathable.

In the future, I hope Uniqlo releases more shades of these pants because I would definitely be keen to buy more colours.

I decided to pair this outfit with this cute emerald tote bag. Uniqlo also recently released eco-friendly tote bags, and I really liked how this green one matched my wardrobe's tone + how nice the minimalist typeface looked.

And that's all for this lookbook! Overall I really like the pieces I got from this collection, and I can see myself incorporating them into my daily outfits a lot. Most of you guys are familiar with my neutral colour palette and my love of nudes, as well as my usual dressing style. I really love how easy to style the pieces from the Uniqlo U line are, and I can personally attest to their quality as I'm a return buyer who usually hoards all the colours I like haha.

If you'd like to pick up some of the pieces I mentioned in this blog post or would like to view the full collection, please click here. The Uniqlo U items usually sell out quite fast, and although a certain style may return in later seasons, I've noticed that colours rarely make a comeback. So if you like a specific style and colour, I recommend getting it asap before it disappears forever!

I hope you guys enjoyed this lookbook as much as I did putting it together. Stay tuned to more lookbooks and follow me on Instagram at @fishmeatdie for more style snaps!

See y'all in my next post!

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