Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation Diormania Gold Limited Edition • Dior Lunar New Year Haul

February 13, 2021

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about my Lunar New Year haul from Dior Beauty, as well as my unboxing of the brand new Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation Diormania Gold Limited Edition.

Before we get into Lunar New Year, let's talk about Christmas! For last year's year-end celebrations, Dior had installations put up all over the world. Malaysia just so happened to be one of the lucky countries with said installations, and it graced the entrance of Pavilion here in KL next to the newly opened Dior Pavilion boutique:

Truly a sight to behold, the lights and installations were KL's must-shoot spot for the holiday season.

I wanted to have a full-on shoot but I didn't get to, so here's a quick snap I managed to get on the first day of the installation instead haha:

Dior Beauty had a Golden Nights holiday collection for 2020, and I picked up the Dior Forever Cushion Powder in Golden Nights:

Click here to read all about it!

After being teased for so long, the preorder for the brand new Diormania Gold Limited Edition cushion was also opened last year. I reserved my cushions since November, and although they were scheduled for a January release, I got my hands on them a bit late as shipment/release was delayed due to another MCO/lockdown here in Malaysia.

I had reserved them this time around from the Dior boutique in Pavilion. I finally got to make my purchase on February 10, and to my surprise, shipping only took one day!

I ordered through my SA Vivian, and the shipment arrived in Melaka from KL on February 11. It came well wrapped, safely covered in tons of bubble wrap:

Since it was the Lunar New Year, I requested for the holiday gift wrapping. I did it because this is technically a gift from me to me, and I love packaging in general. I love this Lunar New Year red and gold combo, and I also love that they gave me the first issue of their MCD Parfums magazine:

Let's get on with the unboxing!

First up we have a card with some Lunar New Year greetings, some perfume samples and some mini sized samples:

Here we have some free gifts as well (mirror keychains) which I'll be putting in my daily bag because it looks quite convenient:

They also included some small gift bags and this year's Lunar New Year red packets (angpao):

My main purchases were actually two of the new Diormania Gold Limited Edition cushions I mentioned:

A collector's edition of the normal cushion (that features Dior's iconic Cannage motif), this new cushion features the Dior Oblique motif. 

With beautiful black packaging topped off with the chic gold Dior signature, this cushion is refillable and is definitely a must-have for all Dior lovers.

Featuring a perfect, luminous matte finish, this cushion foundation promises a sublime, fresh complexion, giving you 24 hours of high perfection, 24 hours of hydration and 24 hours of a luminous matte finish. Flawless coverage, a fresh, even and radiant complexion, the skin appears plumped and its texture refined, no matter what the circumstances.

The cushion foundation's formula contains UVA-UVB filters to protect the quality and beauty of the skin day after day.

I bought this cushion from Dior for 290.00. They were having a promotion where if you buy RM500 you get an instant RM50 discount, so I managed to take advantage of that promo/

Compared to the previous Diormania cushion (which I also reviewed here) that goes up to 3N, this new one only goes up to 2N. I chose 2N, and I already know it will be slightly too light for me, but I still wanted to buy it to collect it.

Unexpectedly, this cushion was also made available on Sephora Malaysia's website. If you manage to catch it during their 15% sale, you're in luck. However, if you're a Dior member like me, I recommend buying from Dior as Dior member points are much more valuable than Sephora member points in my opinion.

Like I mentioned in my previous review, these types of cushions/products are collector's items. If you're looking for the best foundation/base makeup, there are more affordable ones with better formulas out there. However, if you're a fan of the brand like I am, this is definitely something you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Photo credit: @yoyokulala

I'll try it out and share my review/final thoughts with you guys soon. Stay tuned!

As for the magazine, here's a quick flip through:

Here are some pics of the red packets as well:

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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