Dior Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation Diormania Gold Limited Edition Review

March 13, 2021

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about Dior's new Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation Diormania Gold Limited Edition version.

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My third Dior cushion! After getting last year's limited edition Diormania motif cushion + last holiday's limited edition powder cushion, I recently picked up this new limited edition 2021 cushion.

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A collector's edition of the normal cushion (that features Dior's iconic Cannage motif), this new cushion features the Dior Oblique motif in black and a bold gold motif in the center:

If you're wondering what makes this cushion different from the normal cannage version, it is the packaging. Similar to last year's limited edition Diormania packaging, the product itself is the same.

You can refer to my previous blog post for my thoughts on this cushion's performance, but as a refresher, this product features a perfect, luminous matte finish. It promises a sublime, fresh complexion, giving you 24 hours of high perfection, 24 hours of hydration and 24 hours of a luminous matte finish. 

TL:DR - Flawless coverage, a fresh, even and radiant complexion, the skin appears plumped and its texture refined, no matter what the circumstances. It also contains UVA-UVB filters to protect the quality and beauty of the skin day after day.

I reserved my cushions in November, and although they were scheduled for a January release, I got my hands on them a bit late as shipment/release was delayed due to another MCO/lockdown here in Malaysia. 

I reserved them this time around from the Dior boutique in Pavilion. I finally got to make my purchase on February 10, and to my surprise, shipping only took one day!

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In 2020, the normal cushion retailed for RM245 and the 2020 Diormania limited edition retailed for RM265. This year, the normal cushion has increased to RM253 and the new 2021 Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation Diormania Gold Limited Edition retails for RM290.

You can purchase it offline from any Dior boutique/counter, but as of March 2021, you can also purchase it from Dior's new online boutique at shop.dior.com.my

Unlike last year's limited edition Diormania, this year's Diormania also retails in Sephora. It was included in the 15% OFF sale they had the other day, so if you want to get it for a discount, you might want to try Sephora.

The packaging of this cushion is similar to previous cushions I've bought from Dior. It feature's a navy box:

There are some slight variations to the box like the oblique motif on top:

I got the shade 2N (as it's the darkest shade available), and it was a bit disappointing. 3N from last year was already slightly light on me, so you can imagine how much lighter this one is. It's still fine when I mix it with other bases/foundations, but I really fo hope Dior starts to make darker shades for their limited edition items.

The silver lining is that this cushion is refillable.

The packaging is really stunning, and I like how premium it feels.

Similar to last year's cushion it is also cushioned. However, the finish is smoother and mimic the look of leather like PU. Its easier to clean if you ever smudge it, and the gold on top looks really classy.

To match the gold motif, even the side/lining was also changed to gold (where last year's limited edition remained silver like the normal one)

Here's what the back looks like:

Once it's open, it's the exact same thing as the normal cushion:

Here's the pan & the seal:

And here's the cushion:

Like I mentioned last year, I bought the 2020 version for the sole purpose of collection it. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could make it work. 

I still did not expect to use it a lot, but since we're all just staying at home/wearing face masks, I realized that it was a good alternative for a simple makeup look. It's quick to apply and the finish is actually really nice.

 The finish is very nice and skin-like, and the coverage is buildable. You'll definitely need concealer if you have any scars/pimples/dark marks, but for me I found it really useful for quick days/touchups.

This year's limited edition is a bit disappointing because I was actually looking forward to using it. I think I'll just keep it as a collector's item. Since it's refillable, I could always switch it with last year's version.

If you're not particularly into collecting limited edition items, I would recommend skipping this. You can find a better bargain with a full bottle of foundation.

And that's it for this post!I hope you guys found this post helpful and informative.

If you'd like to watch the Dior Prestige Christmas unboxing I mentioned, watch it below:

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See y'all in my next post!

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