Celine Flagship Store now open in Pavilion Malaysia • Tour & Window Shppping

March 30, 2021

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about the new Celine Flagship Store which is now open in Pavilion, Malaysia.

After such a long time of being closed down, the Celine flagship store has finally reopened in Pavilion. After joining the LVMH group and changing their creative director, the new Celine boutique in Pavilion is now open to welcome fashion enthusiasts and customers.

Celine takes up two floors, with the main store downstairs housing their new arrivals & most of the ready to wear while the 2nd floor houses more of their classic pieces.

The store front is quite pretty as well, and will make for a great OOTD spot:

I know a lot of us are still stuck at home, and at this current moment, not a lot can travel due to the ban on interstate travel. So in today's post, I'll be bringing you guys on a virtual shopping spree, giving you a tour of the new shop as well as some pieces that caught my eye.

When I stepped in, an SA was assigned to accompany me. She was super friendly and throughout my visit at the store, I actually found out that she studied fashion styling at Raffles. I love how helpful she was when I wanted to view items, and how good she was at commenting/giving advice.

One of the first things that she mentioned though was that Lisa was was Celine's ambassador and asked if I wanted to see any of the bags Lisa has used before. Not sure if it was that obvious from looking at me that I'm a K-pop fan, but I did say yes haha.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Medium Tambour Bag in Triomphe Canvas.

I'm not entirely sure if canvas is a new thing for Celine as I don't know much about them aside from the Shopper bags and the Classic bags, but they seem to be pushing these bags recently. This one comes in the dark version of the canvas with their Triomphe/Macadam pattern.

Made to look similar to a drum  (or should I say inspired?), this bag looked cute but to be honest, it seemed a bit inconvenient. The opening isn't very ergonomic in my opinion, and just having it on my body itself seems a bit awkward.

The strap was also so short that I could only wear it on my shoulder. If you were short enough you probably could wear it crossbody, but I still feel that it might look awkward.

Next we have the Ava Bag in Triomphe Canvas:

I actually first saw this from one of my fave IG influencers Juwei. I thought it was a nice alternative to the usual hobo bags from Prada that I've been seeing around, and the white version is actually a nice spring/summer piece in my opinion.

Seems like they're really pushing their Triomphe logo right now like this Triomphe Shoulder Bag in shiny calfskin.

One bag that I was looking forward to see was this, the Triangle Bag in Triomphe Canvas with Celine Print! However, I didn't see it in-store, and I can only assume it's either already sold out or not even available as it's such a hot and Instagrammable piece.

Next, we have the Vertical Cabas Celine in Textile with Celine Print and Calfskin in the normal and mini sizes:

Normally I would be interested in them (beige/cream/brown, duh), but what caught my eye more were the new denim pieces! I've been seeing a lot of new denim pieces out like the other day in YSL, and I have to say I love it.

This Medium Triomphe Bag in Textile and Calfskin is pretty cute and casual:

While this Micro Luggage Handbag in Textile and Calfskin is pretty unique and uncommon from the usual plain leather ones too:

Here's the very summery Large Triomphe Celine Classic Panier in Raffia and Calfskin for the upcoming hot seasons (if we can start vacationing at the beach again):

On this side we also have some wallets, and I've been interested in Celine's wallets ever since I saw it on lazue.haitrieu. He recently even added a chain to his wallet to make it a mini bag and I just found it super cute!

One cute wallet was this Small Triomphe Wallet in Textile and Calfskin in this cute khaki and tan combo. Super chic!

On the other side we have some more new arrivals and some classics:

Here we have some bags from the Triomphe Embroidery collection:

Not really my style, but the stark contrast between the black and the textile paired with the design makes it look very vintage:

One of the bags I was most looking forward to seeing were actually the Classic bags. I've seen this on Youtube for so long and I've always wanted to see how it looks/feels/wears like in real life.

Here we have the Small Classic Bag in Box Calfskin in this lovely burgundy colour.

This is the smallest size for this bag and unfortunately, I cannot wear it crossbody as well, only on my shoulder haha:

It was a bit harder to manoeuvre than I thought too. The strap only has two holes and that's it. If you don't put it exactly to the hole to make it longer/shorter, it will hold, but the clasp is just there dangling. Not sure if it'll cause marks in the future.

After touching it in real life, I also finally know what people mean by how delicate this box leather is. 

According to PurseBop:

Named after Joseph Box, box leather is the oldest leather that Hermès uses to construct their legendary bags. Known by collectors for developing a gorgeous patina, Box allows the true character of the leather to be seen. Box has a shine that transforms from a beautiful matte to a shiny gloss depending upon lighting, allowing the colors to transform based on light exposure. Box is currently a push leather and extremely rare to find by walking into a store, and even then has extremely long waiting lists.

I know that smooth and box leather have it's appeal, but as someone who's still pretty new to buying luxury bags, I'm not really sure if I want to commit to such a leather. It seems like it'll scratch easy and will show marks pretty easy. If I were to ever own this bag, I would expect to always be aware and always be on edge for fear of destroying it haha. I know that to some, the allure of leather is it's markings, but at this point I still love my bags pristine.

It was really cute though, and here are some more of the mini classic bags:

My SA said the larger ones were upstairs, so off upstairs we went. Here's the other side of the ground floor, where the shoes and most of the ready-to-wear is:

Upstairs was definitely more serene as most of the crowd was downstairs.

Here we have the Medium Classic Bag in Box Calfskin and in the colour camel.

I personally prefer this size as it's much bigger and I can wear it crossbody:

Ended up matching my outfit! Is this a sign haha

Another thing I'd like to highlight is that the price.. The burgundy Small Classic Bag above retails here in Malaysia for RM14,000, while on the British website it is listed at only GBP13,343. Not a lot of difference, but this camel Medium Classic Bag in Box Calfskin retails for around RM19k, but on the British website it only retails for GBP2950 (RM16,750). That's such a big difference! I don't think the bag I'm holding is the large version as the SA told me they currently only carry these two sizes (and the large isn't currently available even on the website).

Anyhoo, another bag that totally fits my beige fantasy is this Teen Triomphe Bag in Textile and Natural Calfskin:

I also stumbled upon the white version of the Medium Tambour Bag in Triomphe Canvas:

Here are some of the clothes:

And here are some hats. For some reason, I didn't see (or maybe I just didn't notice) any of their popular sweatshirts, which is so popular with K-pop idols.

And the last bag I checked out was this Teen Triomphe Bag in Textile with Triomphe Embroidery and Calfskin in vintage pink:

Since it's inside Pavilion, operation hours are 10am to 10pm. They do limit the number of people in-store, and since I visited on a weekday I was the first in line/didn't have to wait long. Since it is the newest store in town, I'm willing to bet the line will be quite long on weekends, so do take note of that if you are planning to drop by.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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