Coach Lunar New Year 2021 • Coach x Champion now available in Malaysia

February 12, 2021

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about Coach's 2021 Lunar New Year Collection, the recently launched Coach x Champion Collection and the Lunar New Year treats I recently received.

Was quite surprised to receive this parcel! I got a message from my SA asking about my current shipping address (as we're all in lockdown now here in Malaysia). A few days later, I received this lovely Lunar New Year gift:

I love how the SAs of Coach always treat me so good! Just because the packaging is so pretty, here are some more close-up shots:

Inside the care package are some pineapple cookies and some tea to enjoy during this festive season:

Just for fun, here's my latest hang tag (which I decided matched the vibe of the package haha). As I've accumulated a few Coach bags, I now have an assortment of hang tags. This hangtag is from the latest bag I got last year.

Huge thanks again to Elaine and June for such a thoughtful gift!

Anyway, if you were wondering, Coach still ships during this MCO/holiday season. You can browse their website or view the Spring 2021 catalogue here.

If you'd like to order anything from Coach directly, you can contact a store and they will connect you with a sales advisor. You can then chat with the sales advisor regarding the item you're interested in.

Once you've confirmed your item, they'll send you a link to make the payment. Once it's paid, they will then ship it to you!

As always, if you would like me to help you make a purchase so you can take advantage of my 10% OFF VIP discount, you can click here to read all about it.

So! On to the collections. The first collection I'll be sharing about in this post is the 2021 Lunar New Year Collection.

Featuring red hues to usher in the festive season, this collection works Coach's signature C monogram into various fun bags and accessories.

For those looking for classics, you'll be able to select from bags that feature their plain signature C logo on one side and a cute Lunar New Year illustration on the other. The digitally printed design depicts a cute Ox, this year's zodiac animal!

Lunar New Year Billfold Wallet in Signature Canvas with Ox RM800
Lunar New Year Field Tote 30 in Signature Canvas with Ox • RM2,600
Lunar New Year Field Tote 40 in Signature Canvas with Ox • RM2,750
Lunar New Year Circle Bag in Signature Canvas • RM3,450

Of the bags above, I highly recommend checking out the Field Totes! After getting one for myself, I can say that the size is really useful for daily use.

Lunar New Year Field Tote 30 in Signature Canvas with Ox • RM2,600

If you're looking for something more fun, the geographical bags from this collection might suit your tastes.

Lunar New Year Cylinder Bag in Signature Canvas • RM2,950
Lunar New Year Square Bag in Signature Canvas • RM2,750
Lunar New Year Semi Circle Bag 10 in Signature Canvas • RM2,950
Lunar New Year Rivington Belt Bag in Colorblock Signature Canvas • RM1,750

The Square Bag in particular is very attractive to me because aside from using it as a quirky crossbody bag, you can ultimately place it on your vanity and use it as a cute jewellery box!

Lunar New Year Square Bag in Signature Canvas • RM2,750

There's also the Cylinder bag, which seems to be in line with several other fashion house's cylindrical bag releases (which were all started by that Chanel water bottle holder haha).

Lunar New Year Cylinder Bag in Signature Canvas • RM2,950

Aside from bags, there's also accessories and ready to wear items to get you ready for the Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year Ox Bag Charm • RM290
Lunar New Year Ox Print Silk Square Scarf • RM520
Lunar New Year Sweatshirt • RM1,100
Lunar New Year T-Shirt • RM520

Lunar New Year Zip Card case in Signature Canvas with Ox• RM650
Lunar New Year Full-Zip Hoodie • RM1,300
Lunar New Year Long Sleeve T-Shirt • RM620
Lunar New Year T-Shirt • RM620

A few weeks after the Lunar New Year preview, I was then invited to the Coach x Champion collection preview.

A collaboration inspired by the legacies of two iconic American brands, this collaboration mixes the streetwear coolness of Champion with the heritage and prestige of Coach.

One item from this collection that caught my eye was this gray sweatshirt!

Coach x Champion Sweatshirt • RM930

I definitely see myself wearing it, but the only thing stopping me from purchasing it is the fact that I have about 3 similar gray sweaters in my closet right now haha. This Champion design is very tempting though, I'm still thinking about it.

Another sweater I like from this collection is the red one:

Coach x Champion Football Sweater • RM2,250

However, I do like the gray one more over this. I don't wear red very often, but I do like the oversized fit and look of this one.

As for the bags, they come in very chic designs:

I would say that the designs are quite good because they manage to put a hint of fun and sport-vibes into Coach's timeless designs. Since the bags are mostly black with hints of red and blue, I think they're great unisex items that can be used daily.

Coach x Champion Metropolitan Soft Duffle 52 in Signature Canvas • RM3,750
Coach x Champion Belt Bag • RM2,600
Coach x Champion Turnlock Key FOB in Signature Canvas • RM800
Coach x Champion Dylan 15 • RM2,600
Coach x Champion Card Case in Signature Canvas • RM650
Coach x Champion Belt Bag in Signature Canvas • RM2,600
Coach x Champion Oversized Nylon Windbreaker • RM2,800

Here are the prices of the other items from the Coach x Champion Collection:

Coach x Champion Super Fleece Signature Zip Hoodie • RM1800

Coach x Champion T-Shirt • RM520
Coach x Champion Super Fleece Shearling Hoodie • RM10,000
Coach x Champion Leather Jacket • RM5,700

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

If you would like me to help you make a purchase so you can take advantage of my 10% OFF VIP discount, you can click here to read all about it or DM me on Instagram at @fishmeatdie.

See y'all in my next post!

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