Huxley Malaysia 12.12 Sales • Christmas Scented Set Review

December 12, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Huxley Malaysia's 12.12 Sales, as well as my thoughts on their Christmas Scented Set!

I previously shared about how Huxley is now officially available here in Malaysia via their official Shopee store.

They're back for more goodies this 12.12, and it's their biggest sale yet! For their pre-sales, you can get up to 25% off. However, for one day only on 12.12, you can get up to 50% OFF!

They have lots of ongoing promotions, but I highly recommend you guys to check out their limited edition sets!

Not only are their sets a great way to get a good deal, they're also a great way to get your hands on the elusive Huxley Moroccan Gardener Candle!

If you're not already familiar with this candle, Huxley actually made it and infused it with their signature scent (which is featured in their products). The Christmas Scented Set features the full-sized candle, as well as two other products:

You can choose from either of the two mists available, and you'll get the candle + the original Velvet Touch Hand Cream as well.

Essential Christmas Set
1 x Candle ; Moroccan Gardener
1 x Essential Mist ; Sense of Balance
1 x Hand Cream ; Velvet Touch
Gifts with Purchase

Lustrous Christmas Set
1 x Candle ; Moroccan Gardener
1 x Oil Mist ; Sense of Balance
1 x Hand Cream ; Velvet Touch
Gifts with Purchase

I think this set is super worth it because the hand cream is really good (my friends and I have repurchased it again and again), and the mist is pretty nice too. What really makes it attractive is the candle, which is very hard to buy. Usually you would have to go to Huxley's stores in Korea to buy it, and buying from overseas can be tricky because of the glass and taxes.

Hand Cream ; Velvet Touch
30ml / 1.01 fl. oz.

A non-greasy and fast-absorbing hand cream with scents inspired by Moroccan heritage for soft, moisturised hands.

An ode to a lush Moroccan garden in a dusty desert, the scent is reminiscent of chilly mist, traces of wildflowers and tree bark, and soft musk

Essential Mist ; Sense of Balance
35ml / 1.18 fl. oz.

An ultra-fine, hydrating mist packed with prickly pear flower extract which has effective antioxidant and soothing benefits to refresh and calm irritated skin.

If you're someone with a drier skin type, I would recommend going for the oil mist instead!

Candle ; Moroccan Gardener
230g / 8.11oz

A long-burning, natural soy, paraben-free candle scented with Huxley's signature Moroccan garden scent, this soy candle is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and carbon-neutral product. Made from soybeans, which burns slowly and creates less soot, its lower melting point allows excellent scent diffusion and makes the scent last longer.

TOP NOTE: Spring of chilly water, green leaves
MIDDLE NOTE: Jasmine, rose, lily & gardenia
BASE NOTE: Musky, Powdery

Not only is the box instagrammable, but it also helps keep the candle in place while it's on its way to you as well. The lid isn't just for aesthetic purposes either, you can actually use it to our out the fire.

Gifts With Purchase
While stocks last

Available while stocks last, purchases this 12.12 will also come with deluxe-sized gifts and samples.

At this time of posting, this set is still available. If you're keen on getting it, I recommend making a move as there's only 10 sets available for sale!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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