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December 30, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Aik Cheong Coffee!

A local Malaysian favourite, Aik Cheong Coffee has been around for 65 years since its founding in 1955. Known for its superior quality and exceptional level of products, it's a trusted coffee brand that's a household name nationwide.

 Aik Cheong Coffee’s products range from black coffee, white coffee, milk tea (teh tarik), hot chocolate and more. Using secret recipes that have been passed down through the years and the purest coffee beans in its production,  Aik Cheong Coffee's products have gained more popularity in the market and successfully garnered the support from the loyal consumers as well as new customers.

Aik Cheong Coffee has always had the concept of “Enjoying the great taste of coffee at home”. In June 2019, they successfully rolled out a new "hot cup" style of beverages called the "IT’S more than just" line.

This new product range garnered a sales record of over 1 million cups sold in less than a year, and in line with their initiatives and innovation, Aik Cheong Coffee has recently rolled out their newly developed "BLACK" series. With 4 "drip" variants and 2 "dip" variants, I recently got a hold of the drip variants:

Available in four flavours, this range of drip coffee has a "Black to Basic" concept that aims to give coffee lovers the natural taste of black coffee. This comes at a perfect time since most of us are staying at home, and this new Black range gives customers the chance to brew and enjoy coffee from the comfort of their homes.

Each box of the drip coffees have 4 packets:

It's fairly easy to make! All you have to do it open the sachet:

Tear the packet and put it on a cup, followed by slowly dripping hot water onto the packet:

Once it's done, simply take it out, and tadah, black drip coffee!

Here's a video to show the entire process:

Inside each box is a bookmark which you can use while reading a book and enjoying your cuppa.

 The Black Drip & Dip coffee series will have six variants, namely:

Ethiopia Yirgracheffe
Colombia Medellin
Guatemala Huehuetenango
Nicaragua Jinotega
Cold Brew Ethiopia Yirgracheffe
Milk Brew Colombia & Brazil Santos

If you're someone who's more into convenience, you can also check out Aik Cheong Coffee's Cafe Art variety pack:

Originally available in 6 flavours (Cappuccino, Macchiato, Chocolate, Latte, Matcha & Mocha), this variety pack contains 4 of those flavours for you to try and enjoy.

I find this the best for days when you want to enjoy an artisanal cup of coffee at home, and for days when you feel like trying something new and different from your usual coffee fix!

I talked about Aik Cheong Coffee's IT’S range just now, and like I mentioned, they're coffees with a hot cup design/concept.

Packaged in convenient hand-held cups for ease of transportation, you can out-best your productivity and achieve greater feats with the newly improved formula. The best part is, IT’S more than just bright and refreshing coloured cups, IT’S will be with you every step of the way to cheer up your day!

  • IT’S Flat White Extra Shot
    For your daily caffeine fix, all the important goodness that makes a good Flat White are packed conveniently
  • IT’S Cappuccino Choco Topping
    Why settle for a basic cappuccino that you probably can’t even distinguish from a latte, when you can have a cappuccino with chocolate topping?
  • IT’S Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
    Added richness of Gula Melaka, our local pride, that has more health benefits than your conventional sugar or sweet condensed milk!
  • IT’S Long Black Extra Shot
    With twice the power, IT’S the perfect drink to grab as you strive to end your day with a high note!
  • IT’S Matcha Latte Nata De Coco
    Don’t let the unassuming creamy green deceive you — matcha contains almost the same amount of caffeine as a cup of long black, but BETTER as caffeine from matcha gets released into your body gradually, unlike the frenzied effect coffee gives. Stay awake in style with a dash of Nata De Coco that adds a refreshing texture to your orthodox energy drink.

Since it's conveniently packaged, you can easily unpack everything and stir them together. You even have the option of adjusting your sweetness preference!

Containing high fibre, Aik Cheong Coffee's also recently added granola to the "IT'S more than just" line of products.

IT'S Granola is a nutrient-packed combination of rolled oats, honey and canola oil that is baked until crisp, then toasted until golden brown. 

Made with natural ingredients, these do not contain any artificial flavours and refined sugar, making them a great source of protein! It contains only real fruits and nuts, plus some delicious berries yogurt bites. No added refined sugar or artificial flavour at all!

A serving of IT'S Granola is great to fuel the day while delivering balanced nutrients, as the pure rolled oat sourced from Australia is a great source of fibre, while the protein-rich nuts help to build up muscles and cells and the yoghurt bites aid digestion!

Along with the launch of new products and renewed formulas, Aik Cheong Coffee also announced Tan Boon Heong as their latest ambassador to further promote the brand to the international market.

A renown badminton shutter, he has won numerous international title including the Gold Medal for Men’s Doubles at the Asian Games in 2006, as well as other championships namely The Malaysian Open 2007, All England Championship, The Swiss Open and more.

If you're keen to try any of the Aik Cheong products I mentioned in this post, they're available online on their official Lazada store (here) and offline in major groceries/food outlets:

ITS Cups Selling Store
7-Eleven, FamilyMart, myNEWS, Petronas, Caltex, Shell, AeonBig, Aeon, Giant, The Store

You can also find Aik Cheong Coffee online below:


Aik Cheong Coffee

IT’S more than just
Instagram: @its_by_acc

Black Series
Instagram: @blackbyacc

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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