Nyonya Foot Spa Review

October 14, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Maniqure's new Nyonya Foot Spa!

I previously shared all about my experience with Maniqure's gel nail art services, and to be honest, ever since my visit back in June, I've been going back every month! Not only is the service great, but I do also feel like my nail condition improves after every visit. They don't rush designs/their work, and they do their best to take care of your nails/pamper them.

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Maniqure Nail Salon, Kuala Lumpur 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Opening Hours
Monday:11am - 8pm
Tuesday: Offday
Wednesday:11am - 8pm
Thursday:11am - 8pm
Friday:11am - 8pm
Weekends:11am - 8pm

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This time around, I decided to renew my nail art, but also to try out their new Nyonya Foot Spa. After Merdeka, Maniqure actually launched a new catalogue of nail designs inspired by Nyonya culture. 

Featuring almost 30 unique handpainted designs, just look at how intricate they are!

To accompany these one-of-a-kind nails, Maniqure also launched a Nyonya Foot Spa experience. I dropped by their Sri Petaling branch one weekend to give it a go, and I was greeted by their latest Nyonya decorations:

By the way, if you're an avid nail lover like me, you might want to consider joining as a member to enjoy birthday discounts!

For social distancing, I recommend making appointments ahead of time. Maniqure's shop layout is pretty good, but they do block out seats so that customers are well spaced apart. They also sanitize their seats/areas frequently.

After signing in MySejahtera, I was led to my seat and greeted with a nyona-inspired platter of snacks and tea:

As I got settled in and waited a bit for them to get ready, I browsed their latest collection of nail designs.

Maniqure offers free iPad use for all customers, and the mani-pedi stations have a convenient stand which allows you to watch movies handsfree.

The Nyonya Foot Spa (RM128) consists of soaking, filing, scrubbing, foot + leg masks and a leg + foot massage.

For this spa experience, they use organic products that contain Nyonya-esque ingredients (like jasmine, coconuts, etc), and what makes this experience good is their pampering service. They handle each foot/leg at a time, and they do it slower to really give you a relaxing, pampering experience.

We started off with some salts for a foot soak:

Followed by a filing of my dead skin cells + a leg bath:

We then proceeded with the scrub. Made with organic jasmine and coconut, I could actually still see the leaves in the product (which shows how organic and fresh the scrub is).

It wasn't drying at all, and my legs felt quite soft after the scrub. I was told that since it's very gentle + is made of organic raw ingredients, even those with dry and sensitive skin may go for this.

After the scrub, it was time of a leg mask:

The mask was first applied, and my leg was they wrapped:

A foot mask is also applied onto my feet, and the entire masking process looks like this:

While my legs and feet were being pampered with the mask, my nail technician started on my manicure!

After a while, the masks were removed, and the rest of the serum was rubbed into my feet:

To seal it all off, the foot spa ended with a nourishing lotion.

Not only is it applied, but they also massage your legs/feet. I think ladies will find this really relaxing, especially those who walk in high heels!

And tadah, super soft and pampered feet & legs!

After the foot spa, I continued the rest of my manicure in the manicure area. I based my design off an existing Christmas design from Maniqure's catalogue, and here's how they turned out!

Overall I found the foot spa a nice and pampering experience. Working in an office can be quite tiring, and it was a nice relaxing break from city life. If you're someone who's thinking of getting your nails done soon, I recommend trying out their nail spa as well to make your me-time just a little more indulging and soothing.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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