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September 4, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about my experience using three different masks from VT Cosmetics.

If you're a K-pop fan, I'm sure you've heard of VT Cosmetics before! With BTS as their models, I first heard of VT Cosmetics through their makeup products. They have since expanded their brand to include more skincare products, and among those products are masks!

If you're wondering where you can get VT Cosmetics here in Malaysia, you can find their official Lazada store here.

I recommend shopping from their Lazada store not only because they have lots of promos, but also because you can be sure to get 100% authentic products!

Anyhoo, today I'll be sharing all about three different masks from VT Cosmetics + what I think about each mask.

Cica Sheet Mask Pack

Made from high-quality tencel gauze, this mask contains 1000ppm of Centella Asiatica extracts that help to calm and soothe sensitive trouble skin.

A box with 10 pieces retails for RM149, but during their 9.9 sale you can get it for only RM78, making each sheet RM7.80!

(Click here to check it out)

Aside from using a patented tencel gauze + containing centella asiatica extracts, this mask also contains chamomile flower extracts (which has anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial effects) and argan oil (which is high in vitamin E that hydrates and softens the skin)

Not much English on the packaging itself, but like any sheet mask, you can use it after toner/serum. This mask, in particular, can be left on for 10-20 minutes.

The material is actually really nice, and it really fits my face nicely. It sticks well to my skin, and I feel like it does hold the essence well. The essence has a slight pleasant scent (which I quite like).

I've gone through half of the box (5 masks) and I like it so far! I've been getting some acne around the lower half of my face, and I think it's because of maskne (mask acne). This definitely helped to soothe my skin, helping the small pimples that popped up disappear in a couple of days. I also noticed that it helps to reduce the redness on my upper lip area.

Overall I think this is a nice Cica mask! I love Cica products in general, and I couldn't really find any reason not to like this mask. Paired with the 9.9 promotion on Lazada, I think it's super worth it to get!

Probiotics Moisturizing Sheet Mask

Containing 5 different types of lactic acid bacteria extracts, this mask helps to strengthen the skin and balance the skin's moisture levels.

A pack of 5 masks usually retails for RM46, but during their 9.9 sale it goes for only RM19, making each mask only RM3.8 (super cheap!)

(Click here to check it out)

Similar to the cica sheet mask, this mask doesn't have much English. It's made of tencel as well, so it has a similar texture.

On top of the 5 types of lactic acid bacteria extracts, this mask also contains hyaluronic acid (to moisturize the skin) and Rose Damascene Flower Water (which helps to moisturize the skin as well)

Although the mask is tencel as well, this one does not have a netted pattern like the cica mask.

Although this mask was moisturizing, I do prefer the cica one compared to this. I just feel like I like my skin better after using the cica one compared to this. Don't get me wrong, it's moisturizing and super good considering its price point. It's just that for me, my main concern is more to soothing/acne care. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable moisturizing mask!

Cica Capsule Mask

This product is a cream-type wash-off mask that contains green tea powder (to help calm tired skin) & Kaolin clay (a moisturizing type of clay that removes dirt but does not dry skin). It also contains a patented complex called Cicaliao, and this complex is a mixture of Centella Asiatica Extracts, Centella 4x Comples and Green Propolis Extract. What Cicaliao does is that it helps to calm + soothe trouble skin, strengthen the skin barrier and moisturize the skin.

A set of 10 pieces retails for RM149, making each pack RM14.90

(Click here to check it out)

This product can be used like a normal clay mask after cleansing, left on for 10-15 minutes and washed off.

When I opened the pack I thought that it contained very little product, but it's actually a lot! Don't be fooled by it's size, it's very spreadable and one pack can easily cover my entire face + still have some left over.

The texture was quite soft and spreadable, and I like how moisturizing/not dry the mask felt. I did notice that compared to my other clay masks, this one did not feel as hard/thick.

I think this takes what I love about clay masks and upgrades it with the benefits of Cica. I love how clean my skin looks after using this mask (especially on my nose area) and how soft my skin feels. It's kind of a time saver since it combines the extractive properties of a clay mask and the skin-soothing + regenerative properties of Cica.

I would recommend this to someone like me who has oily, acne-prone skin who's looking for a 2-in-1 product that can help you save time but still deliver results. Since I only use clay masks once a week, I think the price is totally justified. The capsule concept is also great at keeping my masks hygienic as I don't have to "double-dip" into a tub like my other clay masks.

And those were my thoughts on these 3 masks from VT Cosmetics! If you ask me which one I liked the most, it would be the mask pack. I really like the convenience of using a 2-in-1 pack, but I did like the skin-soothing effects of the cica sheet mask as well.

If you guys are interested in trying any of these products, I recommend shopping soon and taking advantage of the many promos + free gifts that VT Cosmetics have on their flagship Lazada store!

I hope you guys found this post helpful and informative!

See y'all in my next post

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