Melvita Argan Oil Perfumed with Rose Essential Oil Review

September 12, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Melvita's Argan Oil Perfumed with Rose Essential Oil.

Did you know that to be certified organic, a product must be made up of more than 95% natural ingredients? Melvita's products are great as they offer traceability from seed to finished product, and they have the largest range of organic beauty products in the world!

Argan oil is known as exceptional nourishing, repairing and protective properties and has been used for centuries. Melvita's organic Rose-Scented Argan Oil comes from the Moroccan coastline near Essaouira and Agadir and contains 400 kernels of argan nuts in just one bottle.

This organic plant oil is rich in essential fatty acids and sterols, encouraging cell cohesion for firmer, plumper skin. It also helps keep skin well hydrated, leaving it protected, soothed and intensively nourished. Organic Rose-Scented Argan Oil is also renowned for its ability to renew and revitalise, making it ideal for combating skin ageing.

You can purchase a 50ml bottle from Melvita's website for RM136.

Packaging wise it comes in glass (which I only recently learned is more expensive compared to plastic packaging but can be recycled easier). This product comes with a cover and when you open it, it reveals this tip:

Although the opening seems quite wide/big, it actually dispenses the product well. The oil just doesn't fully drip out, and I think it's pretty convenient.

The oil itself is yellowish in colour. Texture-wise, it's quite lightweight and it doesn't feel heavy or greasy.

How I usually use this product is I dispense 2-3 drops on my hands, warm my palms and pat it in. 3 drops is a lot, so I use 3 when I'm feeling very dehydrated/more towards night time. For the day, 1-2 is enough to keep me hydrated + give my skin a healthy glow.

When I ran out of hair oil, I also used this on my hair. I found that it worked quite well with my hair, making it soft and shiny. However, my tips would be to avoid getting oil on your scalp as hair oil is supposed to be only for hair. Putting oil on your scalp might cause some unwanted problems like hairfall.

The ingredients in this product are 99.2% organic and 100% of the ingredients are fairly traded. The ingredient list is fairly minimal and all of them have either green or yellow EWG ratings, meaning they won't or are highly unlikely to cause irritations.

After using this oil for a while, I find that it's a pretty nice and solid product! It really does nourish and soften my skin, and I usually feel the difference the most after waking up.

Because this oil is packed with so many anti-oxidants, it'll help prevent signs of ageing from appearing/worsening. I'm pretty vigilant with my skincare routine and adding an oil definitely brings my skincare to another level.

Ancient Egyptians kept their skin vibrant and flawless with oil, and this (very) old-school beauty secret has been tried and tested. All that matters is finding one that will work for your skin + you feel comfortable using. If, like me, your skin is on the oily side, you don't have to be scared of oils. This one, in particular, is pretty lightweight and I did break out at all while using it.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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