Behati Merdeka 2020 Collection Showcase

September 20, 2020

Hi guys, today I'm going to be sharing all about Behati's 2020 Merdeka Collection.

Behati is a contemporary Malaysian fashion brand that is influenced by Malaysia' traditions and culture. Behati means "blessed", and they stand to preserve the art and culture of Malaysia by practising the craft’s original technique and introduce new designs that are current to today’s fashion.

If you're from KL, I'm sure you've seen these images floating around on social media. Behati specializes in classic suits, shirts and occasion dresses. Structural, bold and minimal is the recipe to Behati’s image, with just a pinch of camp. They're most known for their iconic campy ‘Oversized Baju Melayu’ , and that was actually how I first got to know about their brand.

Another thing that piqued my interest was their Raya collection for 2020. In collaboration with TTFGA (a Malaysian fashion photographer), they came up with this range of super-luxe baju rayas.

I've never bought baju raya before, but I felt like the items were very nice and stylable. This ice blue one in particular really caught my eye.

Anyways, fast forward to today, Behati just released their Merdeka 2020 Collection:

Looking to iconic pieces of Malaysian imagery as inspiration, Behati mixes the past with the present in this colourful and campy tribute to Malaysia. I was invited to the showcase, which was held at a hidden blue "kampung" house hidden in the middle of the city.

Inside was a very traditional set up featuring pieces from the collection + other Behati collaborations:

For this collection, Behati looked towards traditional Malaysian attire and gave them modern, campy twists:

Of all the looks, this one really stood out to me:

These Satin Gaucho Pants in Cream (RM209) were really nice, and I liked how the waist was accented and had a slimmer effect because of the thicker waist band:

Because the accompanying Bahu Satin Shirt (RM289) had shoulder pads, the created a wider shoulder line, further accentuating my waist and making it look smaller (which I lovedddd haha):

Together, the look had a retro businessman vibe, and I think the combo would be great for events.

The top itself can actually be worn without the tie and without the shoulder pads (as they're detachable), so technically it's a 3-way-shirt.

Since I loved the look so much, I bought both pieces! I got my measurements done, and I should be receiving the tailored pieces in the next few days.

Aside from the look above, here are a few other pieces I thought were interesting and would like to highlight:

Kebaya Blazer (RM499)

Along with this collection, Behati also collaborated with a company called Jadi Batek, where they made special camo-inspired batik prints:

Not a huge fan of green in general, but the maroon was pretty cute!

In conjunction with Merdeka, they also released special Kuala Lumpur postcards that were photographed by Behati's official photographer Carlos Khu and feature Kuala Lumpur's iconic architectures and the Malaysia national flag.

After discovering the collection, I also got to try my hand at batik painting courtesy of Jadi Batek. Here's an amazing spread featuring Malaysia's islands and states:

Overall it was a very insightful showcase, and I loved how Behati gave tribute to Malaysian culture + loved how nice the pieces were.

I'll shoot some pics once I get the pieces I ordered, so stay tuned. Thank you again to Behati for having me!

Thanks for dropping my blog, see y'all in my next post.

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