YSL Beauty Le Cushion Encre De Peau Luminous Matte Cushion Foundation Review

August 4, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'm sharing my review of YSL Beauty's Le Cushion Encre De Peau Luminous Matte Cushion Foundation.

Le Cushion Encre de Peau is reinvented with a new formula, new skin benefits, and a new couture design. Continuing with the trend of fashion houses releasing "couture" versions of their cushion foundations, this new cushion is the latest must-have item for all beauty lovers. I recently unboxed and reviewed the Diormania cushion, and you can read all about that here.

This cushion was actually first released online on Facebook and on the YSL official website. Quick customers could get a free pouch when they buy from Facebook, while you can avail 15% off your 1st purchase from the YSL website with the code WELCOME15.

I personally didn't want to wait for shipping (as COVID-19 really slowed a lot of couriers down), so I decided to get it in-store when it launched on the 1st of August. If you don't mind the wait, I recommend shopping online!

The cushion itself was not yet on display in-store:

As per SOP, customers cannot swatch the products. The SAs can swatch it on themselves for you to see though. This cushion is available in 8 shades, and I chose the darkest one available (shade 40). The cushion retails for RM230, while the refill retails for RM168


As I was already in-store, I decided to check out the YSL Milk Tea Collection as well:

Available in 3 finishes, these milk-tea inspired lippies are just too yummy to resist!

Like the foundations, the SA helped me swatch them on her hand. I decided to get one for the Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks in the shade 147 Rose Caraco. In the pic below, it's the second row second from top.

The lipsticks retail for RM140 each:


As it was my 1st YSL lipstick, I had it engraved! Engraving services are also available online, so I do recommend buying your products from their official website so you can save 15% off.

I got sent back with a pretty black box, nicely wrapped containing my products + 2 free gifts.

First, let's talk about the cushion! Packed in full gold, the Le Cushion Encre De Peau has been upgraded from its previous formula. 

It now offers an innovative shine-free, anti-dullness formulation, medium coverage, a luminous finish and a more premium packaging:

The new Le Cushion Encre de Peau is inspired by one of the most iconic signatures of Saint Laurent: black leather, which comes now in a chevron pattern. Its reminds me of their iconic cardholders and their Loulou bag which has the same "V" padding design.

Signed off with the iconic YSL Cassandre logo, the cushion definitely feels premium. I'm not sure if it's real leather, but it does feel very nice to the touch.

Here's what the puff and puff holder looks like:

Sealed for hygiene, the cushion itself is pretty simple:

Formula-wise, I love this cushion! The glow is subtle and natural, and I love how nice and refreshed the skin looks. I would recommend this to someone looking for a makeup base that looks like dewy skin. Coverage wise, it's pretty buildable as well. It managed to conceal my acne scars and my upper lip area pretty decently without the help of concealer.

My problem, however, like the Dior cushion is the shade. I was pretty happy to hear that this was going to be available in 8 shades compared to Dior's 4 shades. However, I find that shade 40 is still 1 shade too light for me. I can work it/tweak it with other products like my contour/blush, and in the end it'll look natural and more like I'm using a tone-up makeup base. 

However, like I said with the Diormania cushion I reviewed, it would be great to have a premium cushion that actually matches my skin tone exactly. It would be even better if luxury makeup brands like Dior and YSL could cater to those with deeper skin shades!

I do like the formula and I'm considering to check out their foundations. Price-wise, this cushion is not the most affordable. The collectable packaging definitely raises its price, but for RM230, you can pick from a lot of other brands that offer more product + better formulation (like MAC, etc)

As for the lipstick, I actually haven't used it yet haha. It's just so pretty! I think I'll dedicate a separate post/review for it.

The packaging is super pretty, and the quality is actually better than I expected. It has some weight to it and the metal component doesn't feel cheap.

The shade I got isn't anything too out of the ordinary. I love MLBB shades like these so I definitely see myself using this a lot.

The first free gift I got was this Instant Moisture Glow primer:

And the second one was this super cute lipstick charm!

Overall I'm super happy with my 1st ever purchase from YSL beauty. The packaging is amazing, the service in-store was great and the formulations are all pretty nice. I just hope they offer refills that come in darker shades soon for the cushion.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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