Fendi Karligraphy Golden Metal Necklace Review

August 5, 2020

Hi guys, today I'm going to be sharing all about the Fendi Karligraphy Golden Metal Necklace that Chanyeol influenced me to buy haha.

If you'd like to listen to me go about my long-winded story, you can check out my video unboxing here:

Long story short, I came across this necklace when Chanyeol wore it for a shoot for Acqua di Parma in W Magazine:

It was so small and insignificant, but I really liked the look of it!

Seriously, celebrities are gonna be the reason why I end up broke one day haha.

The Karligraphy logo was designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi in 1981, and it made a comeback in Fendi's SS20 collections. If you're a fan of K-dramas, I'm sure you've seen the Karligraphy bag that Son Ye Jin wears in Crash Landing On You:

I actually quite liked the shirts, sweaters and bodysuits featuring the Karligraphy logo when it came out, and I thought it was a fun twist on their FF motif.

Anyways, this necklace was released last year and I could not for the life of me find it anywhere online. No one was selling it secondhand, no one was tagging it on Instagram and it was unavailable on all Fendi websites except for Australia:

Aside from the main necklace, there's also a bigger necklace that you can pair it with:

I tried my luck with the Fendi boutique in KLCC, and surprisingly they had one piece left for each of the necklaces!

I tried it on and really loved the look:

Fendi Karligraphy Necklace Fendi Golden metal necklace 7AJ179F1NF18GY 

I thought about it for a few days because although it looked cute, it was just made or normal metal (legit fashion jewellery). Still, the thought of passing it up and regretting it later paired with the fact that there was only 1 piece left...made me take the plunge haha

I'm all about service and packaging, and I have to say that the Fendi staff were super friendly and helpful. They were super patient with me + really fun to talk to. If you're ever in KLCC, I recommend looking for Ee Lin or Jun Chin.

Whenever I think of Fendi's iconic yellow paper bags, I think of Gu Li from Tiny Times shopping her heart out in Rome:

The bag they gave me also had this cute magnetic Karligraphy clip which is a nice touch: 

The price of this necklace is...*drumroll please*...RM1850. For something that's not even silver/made of a precious metal haha. I get that I'm buying into the brand and all that, and I have no regrets whatsoever as I've worn this necklace multiple times now & love it. It's just that when I think back, I realize I could have used that money towards a bag or something haha.

Here's what the box it came in looked like:

And here's the necklace. The oval shape and the trimming around the FFs really make it look vintage:

Behind we have Fendi Made in Italy. The metal itself has an aged/vintage finish and isn't supposed to be shiny:

This is what the lock closure looks like. Just loop it in and pull!

Because of the lock mechanism, you can still adjust the length of the necklace, but it might still move so I do find myself readjusting it throughout my day.

I think it adds a really nice finishing touch to my simple outfits! It can make a simple t-shirt look more elegant/more pulled together.

It can also be paired with lots of colours, and I like pairing it with bags/accessories with gold hardware.

Although I do think it's a bit too pricey for what it is, I love it to bits and I'll continue wearing it + pairing it with my outfits.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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