Coach C143 Runner With Coach Patch Review

August 6, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of the C143 Runner With Coach Patch from Coach!

If you guys would like to watch my unboxing, click on the video below:

I was browsing about Coach during their mid-year Coach sale when I came across these shoes:

I loved the signature canvas and the overall brown tones of it, but I felt like I already had a few brown/nude/beige shoes, and adding another would be unnecessary.

While browsing their selection, I came across the same shoe in a different colourway and I fell in love!

It was originally RM1400 but it was on 40% sale. With my extra 10% VIP discount, I got it for even less!

Like I mentioned before, their boxes really suck haha. The SAs did tell me that they've informed their management and they're bringing in new boxes soon.

The shoes came in this dust bag, which I don't really use anymore since I store all my shoes on my shoe rack.

At first glance it looks like a mess, but in a fashion-y kind of mess haha. The mix and match is giving me a bit of Balenciaga vibes too.

I love how the maroon and the green match together! I usually go for the darker versions of colours, like I prefer maroon over red and olive over green. This shoe makes use of two of my fave colours, and it matches a lot of my clothes.

The front features suede, while the body itself is mesh. It also has rubberized panels in front with the Coach signature C print.

The tongue and some accents on the side are in their black signature canvas:

Because the tongue is made of canvas, it was a bit hard at first. However, after wearing the shoes a few times, it softened up and is now very comfortable.

Behind there's also this weird hook thing (which I'm not sure if you can hang anything or if it's just an accent):

And below we have a print that says COACH + features their Horse & Carriage logo:

The shoes aren't heavy at all, and I like that they're not too thin and not too bulky. I think I've gotten used to thick dad shoes that I forgot how nice it was to wear slimmer and sleeker shoes haha.

Overall, these shoes are super nice to walk in. I love how they add a nice pop of fun to my outfits, and they're kind of a point item.

When I bought it, the SAs told me I could use it for working out to. TBH, I probably wouldn't because I have gym shoes I abuse anyways, but I do think that walking and running with these shoes are quite easy and comfortable.

I think they can be paired with a more dressed up outfit to make it look more urban/not so formal:

While pairing it with a casual outfit helps elevate the look:

I'm not sure if Coach will release more C143 Runners again as they seem to be focusing more on Citysoles now, but if you live in Malaysia and you come across one, I suggest getting it while you can! Coach Malaysia also only brings in one stock per size of each shoe, so I was super lucky to come across this shoe in this colour, my size + on sale.

And that's it for this post! If you guys would like to know more about my 10% VIP discount and how you can use it storewide to get more savings, click here.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see y'all in my next post!

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