Bulgari Window Shopping in KLCC

August 25, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about my recent window-shopping adventure at Bulgari KLCC.

I've recently moved on from my obsession with bags (well, at least for the time being), and I've been delving more towards jewellery. I've had my eye and bought a few fashion + costume jewellery from fashion brands, but none of them are considered "high jewellery" or really of any super expensive value.

Like with bags, I decided to explore brands that were endorsed by my fave celebrities first. As one of Bulgari's ambassadors for China, I've always been aware of Bulgari thanks to Kris Wu:

They recently got Lisa to be their ambassador for Korea, and the line she was promoting at the time was the Serpenti line.

I quite liked the look of the items so I decided to drop by the Bulgari boutique in KLCC to check them out.

The Serpenti line features snake-like serpentine designs. The snake has been an icon for Bulgari since the 1960s, and they're definitely instantly recognizable.

Here on out, I'm going to be sharing some of the pieces I saw and tried on, as well as their prices. Do note that the prices may increase in the future. Also, I noticed that prices in Malaysia were much cheaper than the Euro prices in their global website,

The simplest design from this line is the 18k white gold Serpenti Viper Ring (RM5300, link).

"In a tribute to its spirit animal, Bulgari captures the power of seduction in this Serpenti Viper wedding band, camouflaging sensuality and temptation with a hypnotic design. Sophisticated and glamorous, this jewel coils around the finger striking with the precious beauty of the scales and with the distinctive sinuosity of the snake."

I think this ring is super simple yet so signature, and it's actually the ring I wanted to see the most. One reason is because it's the cheapest one (lol), but also because I really like the design. The thickness is just right for my long fingers, and I like how low-key but glamorous it is.

According to their website, the snake’s scales are actually not joined by soldering but are carefully hinged together, allowing each piece to coil around its wearer as the animal itself would. I think this is true for the other rings, but for this one, it seems to be only one piece (though there are holes/lines on the sides like all the other Serpenti rings as well).

After spending some time admiring it, I decided to get it in the future. While I was there though, the client-advisor showed me some of the other rings from the Serpenti line as well.

I almost died from their beauty haha. First up is this Serpenti Viper Band Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Mother of Pearls and pavé diamonds (RM18700, link)

It's slightly thicker as this is 6mm, but it's still not too thick for me:

The diamonds are really blinding, while the mother of pearl paired with the rose gold gave it a stunningly soft and delicate look

Back to the thinner rings, there was this one white gold version with diamonds mixed in as well (RM11700, link)

It's cute, but I personally don't really like this mix. I think the diamonds + mother of pearl was nicer, and the plain thin one look more minimalist.

Next we have this Serpenti Viper Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Pave Diamonds (RM26800, link)

I didn't think to try it on because I was a bit scared to touch it to be honest (lol), but I did visit the Bulgari boutique in Pavilion a few days later and saw the white gold version:

For this ring, they actually don't come in number sizes. They come in S, M, L and XL instead as the band is actually stretchable/not so tight. This means that you can wear it on several fingers.

This was such a sight to behold. The serpent design and the icy diamonds...I almost fainted from all the bling haha

I didn't really try any of the Serpenti bracelets, necklaces and earrings as I felt that for my personal style, they were a bit too much. The rings are still okay and I definitely see myself getting a Serpenti ring in the future.

As I was already in Bulgari, I decided to explore their other items as well, particularly their Bzero1 collection. This line is another range that Bulgari is known for, but I personally was only attracted to the pieces after Suho attended the 20th anniversary of the Bzero1 collection last year.

Suho is the male ambassador for Bulgari in Korea, and to be honest I have a newfound understanding of how celebrity endorsements work haha. Because they use my idols, I'm more inclined to explore their brands + buy from them!

Anyhoo, Bzero1 is actually inspired by the Roman coliseum. Launched in 1999, it's called Bzero1 as it's the first design Bulgari launched in the 21st century. There have been a lot of iterations since their first 5 column gold ring, a they're still very popular nowadays.

As I'm only starting out, I asked to see their simplest ring, which the client-advisor very kindly showed me. It's this 18k white gold Bzero1 ring (RM5300, link)

It's similar in price to the plain white gold Serpenti ring I mentioned above. If you compared them, this Bzero1 is thicker and it feels like you're getting more for your money. It doesn't feature any ceramic in the middle, but it does feature the double Bulgari logo:

However, I do think that the Serpenti rings look more elegant while the Bzero1 rings look thicker/more dominant. I do have long and thin fingers (which the client-advisor noticed as well), and although this single-column Bzero1 looked cute on me, it did look pretty bulky/"in your face" as well.

Here's my super-thin fingers, by the way. Notice the gaps in between when I close them:

Bulgari does not carry silver aside from their Save The Children Bzero1 collection. First introduced in 2009,  Bulgari embarked on a partnership with Save the Children to empower millions of children to build a better future through education.

Proceeds from this collection goes to the education of children, and over the last ten years, more than 1.5 million children have been helped. They first started with only a Bzero1 ring and necklace, but a Bzero1 bracelet and an onyx pendant were introduced later as well.

The Save The Children Ring (RM2400) is made of sterling silver with a ceramic center:

Legit looks and feels exactly like the white gold one I tried above, just in silver with black ceramic in the middle,

Although it's not gold, I'm kind of inclined to get the sterling silver version as it looks just like the white gold ones, is cheaper & helps a cause.

The Save The Children Bracelet (RM2500) is pretty tempting too!

It's pretty lightweight, and although I personally think the chain of the bracelet is still too thin for my liking, it still looks great.

On my way out, I tried this Bvlgari Bvlgari reversible bracelet (RM21200, link). One side has mother of pearl, while the other has onyx which can reverse to show green malachite instead.

Out of everything I saw that day, the plain 18k white gold Serpenti band still seemed like the best buy for me. I can't stop thinking about it, so if I can, I'll try to buy it in the near future.

And that's all for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative. If you guys are interested in dropping by Bulgari, I recommend looking for Katherine. She was the client-advisor I got that day and she was super nice and friendly. She was super informative, telling me more about Bulgari's heritage + the products I was interested in.

If anyone here is reading this post in hopes of getting me on of these stunning rings, my size is 52 (left-hand ring finger) and 54 for (right-hand ring finger) hahahaha

PPS: I dropped by again a few days ago and found out 53's pretty comfortable too sksksksks.

The black Onyx one is quite pretty too, but the mother of pearl one still looks the nicest for me:

The 4mm version is cuter and will be easier for stacking, but I think the 6mm one looks nicer as the stoners, pearl and rose gold really stands out

Thank you guys so much for dropping by my blog. See y'all in my next post!

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