Where to wash shoes during MCO • Shoemo Bangsar Reopened

July 28, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be sharing my recent shoe cleaning experience during this MCO period with Shoe Mo Malaysia

Shoe Mo is a shoe cleansing company that offers one of Southeast Asia’s top shoe & sneaker care services. They use standardized processes + 100% handwash techniques to take care of your shoes and give them refreshed look.

Their signature services include cleaning, repair, repainting, unyellowing treatments, water repellent, deodorizing and customizing shoes. Shoemo is available in 4 different countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia) and will be available in more countries soon!

They have a few branches all over Malaysia, and I usually go to their Bangsar outlet

Shoe Mo Bangsar
24-2 (a) Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL 59100

Mon-Fri: 1pm – 10pm, Sat-Sun: 11am – 7pm

+60 11-2700 4559


Located in the heart of Telawi, it's located just across Hanbing and is very accessible. You can take a Grab and key it in + you can easily walk to it from Bangsar Village as well.

It seems like a lot of people have been sending their babies for some TLC, since their racks were full of customers' shoes waiting to be pampered.

Shoe Mo adheres with the safety measures laid out by the government, and their staff all wear masks + keep a safe distance.

Here's their current price list:

I decided to go for Standard Cleansing (RM35 a pair). If you can, definitely drop by on Thursdays as they have a Clean 1 Free 1 promo every week! (Click here for more info on that)

This time round I brought 4 pairs, and here are the before after shots!









As you guys can see, they really know how to take care of my shoes and clean them good! A lot of stains on my beige Air Max 90s were removed, and you can see that the insides of my Fila Disruptors look clean and fresh. Even my Sketchers (which are so beat up) look quite refreshed!

Their service usually takes at least 5 business days. After sending them off, you'll receive an email with a link where you can track your shoes' progress. You'll then be contacted once they're done!

I'm super happy with this round of cleaning again! If you're currently looking for somewhere to send your shoes for cleaning, I highly recommend their services!

PS: Remember to bring a bag when you go collect your shoes!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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