Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi Pochette now available in Malaysia

July 30, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about the new Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi Pochette which is now available here in Malaysia.

I first caught wind of this bag in early 2020 on Instagram. The leather version of last year's highly coveted Multi Pochette Accessoires, the New Wave Multi Pochette features LV's New Wave motif in their popular multi-bag format.

These bags were only available for reservation in KL, but they finally arrived in Malaysia today (July 30th 2020. Retailing at

RM10,200, the New Wave Multi Pochette bag is available in 3 colours.

As I've been enjoying my Prada 2005 Re-edition, I decided to drop by and check these out. The black one (which I had my eye on among the 3 colours) turned out to be a bit...underwhelming than expected.

The khaki green version, however, was super stunning. It really goes well with the brass/vintage-looking hardware, and I feel that it's not as basic as the black one.

Compared to the Multi Pochette Accessoires which features 2 pochettes, this one actually only has one bag:

You can either attach the crossbody strap with the small circular pouch:

Or you can use the detachable shoulder chain:

Compared to the canvas of the pochette accessories and the nylon of my Prada, I feel like using the leather LV one is super elegant! The previous 2 I mentioned can come off as a bit casual, but the mixture of the New Wave's uniform shape, leather and thick shoulder chain looks very classy.

Here's a close up of the hardware. I love how it's not shiny, meaning it won't be such a heartache if you do scratch/damage it:

Compared to the previous crossbody bag from the New Wave line, this is smaller:

And compared to my Prada, it definitely fits less:

It can fit my Samsung Note 9 (meaning it can fit an iPhone 11 Pro Max as well), but having the phone inside will leave you very little space as the bag is pretty thin.

Plus, compared to my Prada, the mini pouch is super useless haha:

Overall, I think it's a cute bag. Would I buy it if I had RM10,200 right now? Maybe as I'm sure it'll be popular for a few years more, it will be hard to get + LV will probably increase the price no later than the end of this year.

However, for 10k I can get 2 nylon Prada reissues. Or 2 Dior bags. Or add a bit more and get the padded casette bag from Bottega that I've been lusting over. Hmm. Maybe not.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

Side note, I had such a great experience in LV KLCC thanks to the Sales Assistant. She was so friendly, welcoming and helpful! If you're ever in KLCC, try and ask if Iylia Aima (she goes by Aimi) is in.

See y'all in my next post!

Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi Pochette Malaysia Price Review 

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