Garnier Micellar Water Even For Sensitive Skin

July 21, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about Garnier's Micellar Water Even For Sensitive Skin

I loooove Garnier's micellar water cleansers, and I've been using them since college! I usually opt for the blue version at that one is for those with oily and acne-prone skin like me, but I got a pink bottle to try out a few weeks ago and I've been using it ever since.

This all-in-1 cleanser is surprisingly powerful yet gentle to the skin. It effectively removes makeup while cleansing and refreshing the skin as well. It works a bit like a magnet and removes makeup without the need for any harsh rubbing.

One of the best things about this product is the huge sizes available and their affordability! A 400ml bottle only costs RM30 (sometimes even RM20+), and I think they're such a steal for how good they work.

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What makes the pink bottle different from the blue one is that it contains 0% alcohol, 0% oil & no added fragrance! This makes it suitable for those with normal to sensitive skin.

As the number 1 micellar water worldwide, this product is also certified halal.

The texture is very light, watery and refreshing. With just one swipe, it really does remove my makeup efficiently. This is important because you don't really want to keep on rubbing/wiping your skin as that might cause unnecessary wrinkles/lines.

Here's a shot of how clean it removed layers of foundation, concealer, powder and more in just one swipe!

If you guys are in the market for a new makeup remover, I highly recommend this one. It's super affordable and highly accessible, making it a fave of so many beauty bloggers and beauty lovers alike!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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