Coach #WeCYou Pride Collection now available in Malaysia

July 17, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Coach's #WeCYou Pride Collection which is now available here in Malaysia!

I'm not really sure if Coach releases a pride collection annually, but from what I've seen from a few Google searches, this year's Pride collection is definitely one of their biggest ones. The #WeCYou Collection is a celebration of equality, diversity and authentic self-expression within the LGBTQ+ community, and I'm so glad not only because Coach decided to create this collection, but also because it's available here in Malaysia as well.

Albeit in limited quantities, I'm still happy that Coach Malaysia decided to carry this collection. As soon as it was announced I asked my SA to help me reserve a t-shirt which I really wanted. Since I'm a VIP member, I managed to successfully get one of the ten stocks available! I also managed to get a discount. You can read all about my VIP discount and how you can get 10% OFF in Coach storewide by clicking here.

Anyhoo! In this post, I'll be sharing all about the items that are available here in Malaysia, their prices and my thoughts on them. Please note that the items are really limited (only 5-10 pieces per item), and these are only available in Coach KLCC, Pavilion and Gardens.

First, we start with the signature print shirt + shorts. I love love love the shirt because of the beige base colour, and I love how silky the shirt feels! I reserved a size M which fit me perfectly: not too tight and not too big.

The shorts, on the other hand, were actually swimming trunks. It looked ok but I don't think I'll be able to use it a lot. Plus, when worn together with the shirt it looked a bit overkill haha. In the end I didn't get it.

At the time of writing this post, the hat has still not arrived in Malaysia.

Rainbow Signature Swim Trunks • RM900
Rainbow Signature Bucket Hat • RM650
Rainbow Signature T-shirt • RM490

The other two shirts were plain black/white tees with a rainbow Rexy print:

Although they looked cute, I think the signature C one I got above was cuter/suited me better.

Rainbow Signature Rexy T-shirt • RM520
Rainbow Signature Rexy T-shirt • RM490
Rainbow Signature Rexy T-shirt • RM490

Two bags were available here in Malaysia:

The canvas felt as good and strong like always, and these bags are sure to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Academy Crossbody in Rainbow Signature Canvas • RM1620
Academy Backpack in Rainbow Signature Canvas • RM1950

There are 2 more signature canvas bags available in Malaysia that I realized I did not see in-store. Either they're out of stock or have not arrived like the hat.

Carrie Backpack 23 in Rainbow Signature Canvas • RM1620
Bethany Belt Bag in Rainbow Signature Canvas • RM890

The belt in this collection is reversible, with the rainbow signature canvas on one side and blue leather on the other. I thought this looked a bit too flamboyant for me haha.

As for the strap, I really liked it! It's the same material as my Kat Camera Bag, and y'all know how much I adore that strap

Strap with Rainbow Stripe • RM420
Rolled Buckle Cut-to-size Reversible belt in Rainbow Signature Canvas 38mm • RM1100

Aside from the signature canvas bags, mini bags made from Coach's famous glovetanned leather were also a part of this collection:

Kinda weird that the orange one is displayed separately, and I wish they would have made a pink one to complete the rainbow set.

The bags are super super tiny, and are more of an accessory that you add to your outfit. I love the mini bag trend, and these provide such a cute pop of colour.

Among all 6, I was most drawn to the green one! It's so cute, and it matched my purple sweater perfectly that day. For the price, however, these mini bags are totally not worth it. You can get a full sized bag from Coach with that price!

Mini Barrel Bag • RM1620
Mini Top Handle Saddle Bag • RM1620
Mini Willis • RM1620
Mini Rambler Belt Bag • RM1620
Mini Half Moon Bag • RM1620

There were also tote bags and slides available:

Tote with Rainbow Signature Uni • RM800
Tore with Rainbow Signature Sharky • RM800

Slide with Rainbow Signature Rexy • RM520
Tote 42 with Rainbow Signature Rexy • RM1100
Tote with Rainbow Coach Badge • RM1100

And I was informed that the accessories would be arriving soon together with the hat:

Rainbow Multi Bag Charm • RM520
Coin Case Bag Charm in Rainbow Signature Canvas • RM420

Rainbow Uni Bag Charm • RM290
Small Uni Bag Charm in Rainbow Signature Canvas • RM800

Rainbow Charm Friendship Bracelet Set • RM520
Rainbow Pave Sculpted Signature Heart Stud Earrings • RM370
Rainbow Pave Sculpted Signature Heart Slider Bracelet  • RM520

Here are some of the other items from this collection that were not available in Malaysia:

The circle signature canvas bag was so cute, and the canvas sneakers were such a steal in the US!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found this interesting. Remember to spread love!

Thanks for dropping by, see you in my next one.

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