Canmake Melty Luminous Rouge Tint Review

July 8, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about the Melty Luminous Rouge lipsticks from Canmake!

Melty Luminous Rouge lipsticks have a melting point that is close to body temperature, so they melt into the lips as soon as they're applied. They contain high-gloss oil for a sophisticated sheen, as well as petroleum jelly to lock in moisture + keep lips plump & pillowy

The new shades added are a bit more "tint"-like, and these versions are available in 3 natural shades are not too dazzling, not too understated.

CANMAKE ❖ キャンメイク
T01 Bride Pink Coral
Melty Luminous Rouge

This shade is the more coral one out of the three. It's a pinkish-coral shade that would be great for making a good first impression!

CANMAKE ❖ キャンメイク
T02 Rose Miltea
Melty Luminous Rouge

A sophisticated pinkish-beige that enhances all complexions, this shade is a bit more my style - MLBB! On the barrel it looks browner and on my arm swatch it looks a bit more mauve. However, on my lips, it looks like the perfect natural lip colour.

CANMAKE ❖ キャンメイク
T03 Dearest Red
Melty Luminous Rouge

Described as an adorable crimson red, I love how it adds a nice pop of colour to the lips but still looks very natural. I've tried putting this in the middle of my lips as an ombre with T02, and it looks great too!

As you guys saw from the arm swatches, they glided very smoothly and easily. They leave a very nice, natural glossy finish, and I love it so much. Canmake themselves say that it's sheer for that natural, enhanced look, and I'm not mad at all. I love how it accentuates my natural lip colour, indeed giving it a nice tint of colour.

In terms of hydration, these worked really well with my dry & chapped lips. I would recommend exfoliating before applying any lip product to have a smooth surface, the same with this. I did not have to put on lip balm before applying it like I would usually need to, and I love how nice it felt on my lips.

As for the packaging, it's a win for me as well! I love the chic, minimalist bronze units. The hearts engraved actually disappeared after the first few times I used the lippies, but I didn't mind that.

I would highly recommend these lippies! They're not the most long-lasting, but they do really moisturize the lips + give a lovely, natural colour payoff.

If you're interested in trying this lippie out, it's available exclusively on Teeni (Canmake's official Malaysia distributor)'s Shopee store for RM48.93! You can redeem vouchers to get it for cheaper as well

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Teeni's official Shopee store actually sells products from their other brands like Kose Cosmeport, Cezanne, D.Up, Palladio, LaF and more, so remember to check them out!

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And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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